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Pasar Rules

Let's keep things running smoothly and peacefully - for everyone's sake! :) We'll keep it to 6 simple rules:

1. Pasar Night is a platform for shoppers to sell items they no longer want - maybe it can't fit, or they found an alternative. It can be anything - clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, cameras, other gadgets, even cellphones. As long as you bought it online, you can sell it off here! Perhaps at some point we will draw the line, but right now we see no boundaries :)

2. Eventhough you can sell most types of products, we ask that they be in good condition. When we say "one person's junk may be someone else's treasure", we don't mean that literally :P Be a responsible seller and be honest about what you are selling. We want to help all the readers we can, so we ask that you respect each other too :)

3. The general rule is that this is a go-to blog for second-hand items, so brand new items that you are selling in your online business/blogshop will not be posted up. Pasar Night is not quite the platform for clearance sales.

4. We don't link blogshops that sell brand new items from suppliers - kindly visit Your Shopping Kaki for that! :)

5. When your item is sold, please let us know so we can remove it from this blog! :) See more info here.

6. While we try our best to post every item you want to sell, we also reserve the right to decline to post items based on our discretion :) E.g. if the photo is too unclear, the item is deemed unsuitable for posting here.