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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Item 2094 :izza.atirah@hotmail.com

Item: Basic Boyfriend Blazer
- Additional Info: Sassy, androgynous and extremely versatile. Excellent fit and has side pockets - perfect for both formal and casual wear.
- Exclusively imported.
- Fits: Free size
- Measurements: Length - 23.5 inches, Sleeve - 12.5 inches
Selling price: RM30
Original price: RM49
Reason for selling: Too many blazers.

Item 2093 : sem_loh@yahoo.com

Item:  red sailor stripes top
Description:  BRAND NEW never worn 
Selling price: RM20
Original price: RM 28 exclusive postage 
Bought from (URL):http://sweet-grocery.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: clearing closet 
Contact number (optional): 0143880035

Item 2092 :ainoor.amirah@gmail.com

Item: Mustard Ruffle Sleeve Top
Description: Used once, in a very excellent cond!
Selling price: RM29
Original price: RM39
Bought from (URL): miccaz.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: cleaning my closet

Item 2090 : chrisyin84@gmail.com

Item: beaded shoe
Description: brand new ( received item on 24th august wed)
Selling price: 57 with pos laju
Original price:57 without pos laju
Bought from (URL):  www.agapeboutique.com.my
Reason for selling: too high for my liking

Item 2089 : savemore99@yahoo.com

Item: Polka top
Description: New....worn for trying pourpoase only.......Fits S-small M
Selling price: RM30 with poslaju
Original price: RM38 without postage
Reason for selling: wardrobe clearing+shifting
Contact number (optional): COD can be arrange at Bdr Mahkota Cheras

Item 2088 : cyndy.yap12@gmail.com

Item: Stripe shorts ( Without belt)
Description: Material: Cotton, Color: Blue, Dimension:32cm (L) ,32 cm (W)
Size: M
Selling price: MYR 27
Original price:MYR 33
Reason for selling: Not the right size
Contact number (optional): 0123437645

Item 2087 : aihuaytan@yahoo.com

Item: Lantern sleeve top
Absolutely hot selling
Butterfly pattern with material of Cotton+Chiffon
Size: Shoulder: 37cm Sleeve: 56 cmCuff: 8cm Chest: 32cm Length: 57cm Hem: 37cm (flat measurement)
Color: Yellow Beige
Selling price: RM63
Original price: Rm66 Bought from (URL): look pretty blog Reason for selling: It is brand new. Wear once just want to try. It can't fit me because i'm a bigger size figure.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Item 2086 : prishoe@yahoo.com

Item : Grey long cotton tank top
Description : Good and strechable cotton,fit S-M
Selling : RM20 (include postage)
original : dunt remember
bought from : MICCAZ
reason : doesnt fit me
contact 0123828220

Item 2085 : dainesorr@yahoo.com

Item: slinky pleat maxi dress - navy blue
Description: preloved by the first owner. just got it, and i cant fit. :( she bought it from poplook
Selling price: rm50
Original price: rm60
Bought from (URL): mudah.my
Reason for selling: cant fit. 

Item 2084 : gracenglinglee@gmail.com

Item: Asos Inspired Structured Racer maxi
Description: Brand New. Only worn for trying purposes. High Quality thick cotton. Stretchy. Made from good fabric, material is stretchy. Structured at waist. Gorgeous!
Selling price: RM60 inclusive of postage
Original price: RM65
Bought from (URL): Doublewoot
Reason for selling: Doesn’t fit me well
Contact number: 016-2451585

Item 2083 : stars-of-heaven@hotmail.com

Item: Sweetheart Pleated Dress[White colour]
Description: Satin-like cloth, 2 hidden pockets at the side.
Selling price: RM45 with postage
Original price: rm58 with postage
Bought from (URL): Creme Fraiche
Reason for selling: No chance to wear.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Item 2078 : hepi_lulu@yahoo.com

Item: Brown stylish high heels
Description: Never been worn. 5cm heels. Very comfortable,but doesn't really suit me. Perfect for any event.
Selling price: RM50 (can nego)
Original price: RM55
Bought from (URL):divauolls.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Clearing my closet.
Contact number (optional): Wati: 0172230860

Item 2076 : secretv9186@yahoo.com

Item: Plain Jane Dress
Description:  Soft cotton-satin material, Nude color with two pocket-side design, Size: Preferably XS, S and M
Selling price: RM35 Include postage
Original price: RM41 Exclude postage
Bought from (URL): Agape Boutique
Reason For Selling:Not interested in nude color.Impulse buying.Still in excellent condition.Wore only trying purpose

Item 2075 : jmin_yoyo@hotmail.com

Item: Wedges
Description: brand new, nude pink wedge, size 38, best fit vincci 6, 12cm
Selling price: rm55 with postage
Original price: rm63 with postage
Bought from (URL): Agape Boutique, 
Reason for selling: No chance to wear it. Impulse purchase.

Item 2082 : wendytan54@gmail.com

Item : Flower Blossom Vintage Top
Description : Free Size, Cream colour
Status : BRAND NEW
Bought for : RM30 plus, cannot rmb
Selling for : RM15
Bought from : emmycubic.blogspot.com

Item 2081 : azira1@msn.com

Item: LBD Butterfly Dress
Description:Chiffon sleeves and cotton dress
Selling price: RM75
Original price:RM79
Reason for selling : No occasion to wear it to. Never worn before

Item 2079 : wear.this.not.that@hotmail.com

Item: Baby pink scallop top
Description: Brand new 
Selling price: RM 25
Original price: RM39
Bought from (URL): lil paris dressbook
Reason for selling: i ve it in 2 other colours

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Item 2074 : whitneyksy@hotmail.com

Item: halter dress
Description: blue, uk4-uk10, good quality
Selling price: rm 30 (nego-able if serious)
Original price: rm 40+ 
Bought from (URL): cocktails & martinis
Reason for selling: impulse purchase
Contact number (optional): 0122106118

Item 2073 : zerline_91@yahoo.co.uk

Item: Bold in Lace (orange) as seen in http://cock-tails.blogspot.com/2011/03/bold-in-lace.html
Description: totally brand new. never been worn before. in fact, i only receive the parcel last thursday
Selling Price: RM40 including postage
Original price: RM 50
Reason for selling: wanted to give it to my cousin as a gift but decided to gave her something else in the end. so this dress is left untouched since last thursday

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Item 2072 : belle116@hotmail.com

Item: Topshop Design Contrast Lace Shirt 
Color: CreamMeasurements:Pit to pit 17” Length 18” Fits:UK6- UK8
Selling price: rm40
Original price:rm45
Bought from (URL): http://udcloset.tumblr.com/
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2071 : morgue_pixie@yahoo.com

Item: Black Maxi Dress Plus Size
Description: Sleeveless stretch cotton maxi dress, Fits up to UK20, Never worn since bought last few weeks.
Selling price: RM50 including postage
Original price: RM 56 
Bought from (URL): lalinaboutique.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Own the two same dress.

Item 2069 : madelineoon@hotmail.com

Item: Dress
Description: Brand new! only worn to try once
Selling price: RM32 (FREE POSTAGE) 
Original price: RM40 not including postage
Bought from (URL): xuan2fashion
Reason for selling: impulse pruchase

Item 2068 : suichengyan@gmail.com

Item: top (black)
Description: brand new, din wear before
Selling price: rm42incl postage
Original price: rm45 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): dailyboutique
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Item 2066 :syncora@hotmail.com

Item: black furry leg warmers with pom pom gothic style
Description: brand new! must have item for
Selling price: rm25
Original price: rm35
Bought from (URL): I-socks 
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2065 :audrey_lhl@yahoo.com

Item: Velvet ankle wrap 4-inch heel (Size 38 / 7)
Description: Worn once only, good condition
Selling price: RM40 (incl. postage)
Original price: RM55
Reason for selling: Too high

Item 2064 : afiza16@yahoo.com

Item: black maxi dress
Description: brand new
Selling price: RM30 inc postage
Original price: RM45 excluding postage
Reason for selling: too many maxi skirt
contact 0163282468

Item 2063 : queen.babe@live.com.my

Item: Nude pink bodycon dress
Description: 100% Brand new! Nrever ever worn.

Selling price: RM65 free postage fee
Original price: RM 70 with RM5 postage
Bought from (URL): facebook closet shop
Reason for selling: Inpulse purchase

Item 2062 : prishoe@yahoo.com

Items : Brand new Black panel skirt with zipper
Description : Zipper can be placed front or back,tag M
Selling : RM35 with postage
Original : dunt rember
bought from : sisterclossette
reason for selling : doesnt fit
contact no: 0123828220

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Item 2059 : bitsubeat@gmail.com

Item: nordic leggings
Description: made out of french cashmere soft cotton. suitable for uk 6-8
Selling price: rm20 and free postage :)
Original price: rm 25 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL):  http://pickandstyle.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: Could not fit :(

Item 2058 : funkyfreak_91@hotmail.com

Item: Denim tie-dye bustier (belt not included)
Description: Brand new *sizes in URL below*
Selling price: RM 30 including postage
Original price: RM 50 including postage
Reason for selling: too big for me

Item 2056 : tzinjune@gmail.com

ItemLace top
Description: Fit UK 6 - 10, black
Selling price: RM 15
Original price: RM 18
Bought from (URL): lowyat.net
Reason for selling: Not my style

Item 2055 : suichengyan@gmail.com

Item: chiffon top
Description: brand new, never worn b4
Selling price: rm40 incl postage
Original price: rm50 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): unm fashion
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2054 : farahardlina@hotmail.com

Description: BRAND NEW EXCELLENT QUALITY! Free size. I have TWO colours (salmon orange & pink)! Gorgeous colours for the season!
Selling price: RM35 including postage EACH (Both for RM60 including postage)
Original price: RM39 EACH excluding postage
Bought from (URL): seesaw playground
Reason for selling: no time to wear
Contact number (optional): 0142312267 (NO REFUNDS)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Item 2053 : joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Kitten Bow V2 Purple
Description: Brand new, unworn, unwashed. Made of comfortable cotton
Selling price: RM35 including pos laju
Original price: RM48 including postage
Reason for selling: Colour doesn't suit me

Item 2052 : naneahmad@gmail.com

Item: Black & White Toga
Description: Brand New. Can fit up to small M. Cotton.
Selling price: RM25 each with postage
Original price: RM30 without postage
Bought from (URL): facebook page -Rougeberries
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Item 2051 : cheesiewedges@gmail.com

Item: Peterpan collar sleeveless top
Description: Brand new!
Selling price: RM28
Original price: RM35
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Item 2050 : funkyfreak_91@hotmail.com

Item: White laced dress
Description: size UK 4-6
Selling price: RM 40 including postage
Original price: RM 50 including postage
Reason for selling: doesn't fit me well

Item 2049 : keurshin@gmail.com

Item: denim jumpsuit in dark blue
Description: Never worn before,brand new.
Selling price: RM55 includes postage
Original price:RM65
Bought from (URL):beetch
Reason for selling:  Impulse buying & too tight for me
Contact number (optional):  0168250924

Item 2048 : gorgeoustakesthecity@gmail.com

Item: pink scallop top
Description: brand new, good quality
Selling price: rm30 incl postage
Original price: rm45 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): phatculture 
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2047 : tzinjune@gmail.com

Item: Colour sports pants
Size : Free Size ( Fits S to M size )
Waist Area : 60CM ---90CM 
Length : 93CM 
Colour: Red
Selling price: RM 15
Original price: RM 18
Bought from (URL): lowyat.net 
Reason for selling: Too small for me

Item 2046 : halusinasi90@yahoo.com

Item: Niley Purple Bohemia Lycra Dress
Description: Brand new, Length 110cm (adjustable straps), Bust 100 cm, Waist 80cm
Selling price: RM40 (FREE pos laju)
Original price: RM45
Bought from : Damia Doll CLoset
Reason for selling: Not suitable for me
Contact number (optional): 017-5424020

Item 2044 : piggysiew@hotmail.com

Item: Lolita Skirt (Brand new with tag)
Description: UK 4-8  
Selling price: RM48 (Including postage)
Original price: RM55 (including postage)
Bought from (URL): http://miccaz.blogspot.com/p/shop-new.html       
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Item 2043 : far_ina@ymail.com

Item : Flores Dress
Description : New, Never worn (except for trying), Never wash, fit size XS to M. More fit in L size. 
                    Suitable to wear during Hari Raya:)
Selling Price : RM 50 with postage (pos express)
Original Price : RM60 with postage
Bought from : Cocktails
Reason for Selling : A little fit on me as I'm in L size.

Item 2042 : nazihah271@yahoo.com.my

Item: blue and white polka dot sleeveless dress with petitcoat
Description: brand new..wear only for trying purposes
Selling price: rm40
Original price:rm63
Bought from : Mooieboutique.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: the size is too big for me
Contact number (optional): 0127629382