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This blog is maintained by shoppers, for shoppers! Keep this blog alive and boost your store's image by advertising with Pasar Night :) Keeping in mind Pasar Night is not run for profit - monetary sponsorship is only to compensate the volunteer administrators for their time and effort :D Read more here.

Who can advertise? Anyone! We welcome your generous sponsorship with gratitude - whether you want to advertise an event, blogshop, boutique or even if you're one of the readers with items posted on Pasar Night! In the last example, what we can do is create a label for your items - and link that advertisement banner to the label containing all the items you want to sell! :)

And as always, we stay true to our philosophy of affordable advertising :D

For enquiries or bookings, please email the administrator at pasarnight@gmail.com.

Blog Statistics
1/12-8/12: Over 4200 page views in just the first week! :D
9/12-15/12: Over 10000 page views by the second week! ;)

Advertisement Information
Large Banner: 500 x 123pixels (2 space only)
Rates: RM20 = 2 weeks
Status: Available

Regular Banner: 180 x 125 pixels (8 spaces)
Rates: RM5 = 2 weeks
Status: Available now

*In the event the blog is not updated during your advertisement period, you will receive an 80% refund.

Special Thanks To All Our Sponsors
Here we'll keep the banner and URL of everyone who has advertised here :)  

 Zone WholeSale bag (1 month)

 Ray ray Boutique (16/12/11)

 SWEET CARTE (14/12/11)

   (oct 4th- nov 11)

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