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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Item 2837 :peiyu_92@hotmail.com

Item: Laured dress
Description: Material : Thick Quality Cotton, Colors : Fuchsia
Selling price: RM40
Original price: RM63
Reason for selling: Bought another similar design dress
Contact number (optional): 017-2763413 ( COD at Summit Subang)

Item 2836 : gurliciousdarl@hotmail.com

Item: Satin Bow Back Sequin Cocktail Dress
Description: Brand New - fits up to Uk4-8
Selling price: Rm40 Inclusive Postage
Original price: RM45 exclusive Postage
Bought from (URL): Room 8008
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Item 2835 : cikchibimaruko@gmail.com

Item: Cardigan
Description: White, Chiffon. Tried it once for trying and never worn after that. 
Selling price: RM38 (include postage)
Original price: RM45 (include postage)
Reason for selling: This cardigan doesn't fit me.
Contact number (optional): +60105072072

Item 2834 : ieta.rosli@gmail.com

Item: Green Waist-cut Cardigan
Description: Color: Light green
                  Material: Mixed cotton
                  Measurements: Length: 74 cm
                  Size: One size only (Fits UK 6 – 14)
                  Wore Once
Selling price: RM 45 include postage
Original price: RM 58
Bought from (URL):  Bajugraphy
Reason for selling:  Just bought another cardigan
Contact number (optional): 0174271211

Item 2833 : ciciandbibi@gmail.com

Item: Chiffon maxi dress feather from POPLOOK 
Description:Condition: Excellent, trying purpose
Selling price: RM48 without postage
Original price: RM69
Bought from (URL):
Reason for selling: wardrobe clearance

Item 2832 : azimah_liyana@yahoo.com

Item: Lace Platform with Spiked Ankle Strap

Description: BRAND NEW & NEVER WORN. Heel height is 11cm. Soooo cute! :D

Selling price: RM50
Original price: RM58 excluding postage fees
Reason for selling: Clearing out my wardrobe, sad to let go but.... in need of money :(
Contact number (optional): 0136233625 (SMS only)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Item 2831 : pinkiedelarosa_90@yahoo.com

Item: Chanel Replica 2 IN 1 (Black)
Description: High Quality PU. Large Size. Brand New. Never Used.
Selling price: RM120 (Including Postage)
Original price: RM160 (Including Postage) 
Bought from : www.taobao.com
Reason for selling: Not Used
Contact number (optional): 016-6314390 (sms only)

Item 2830 : kyungsshi@live.com

Item: Cut-out Sleeves Skater Dress
Description: Uk4 -10 (Length: 32", Bust: 15"-26", Waist: 13.5" - 24.5", Hips: 25") Made of Lycra, Elastane (very elastic)
Selling price: RM55 with postage
Original price: RM59 without postage
Bought from (URL): http://phatculture.com/
Reason for selling: Short for me, impulse purchase

Item 2829 : scumieshi@yahoo.com

Item: crop blazer : zurina (black)
Description: crop blazer yang simple dan details puff di bahagian bahu juga berlining di bahagian dalam.
Selling price: RM 40 including postage 
Original price: RM65 including postage
Reason for selling: does not fit me well. worn for trying purpose only.

Item 2828 : sarasugars@gmail.com

Item: galaxy printed top
Description: brand new
Selling price: RM79 not including postage
Original price: RM75 including postage
Bought from (URL): https://www.facebook.com/pscdlc
Reason for selling: a little tight for me

Item 2827 : clavinova_17@hotmail.com

Item: Supre Strapless Satin Dress
Description: Brand New with Tag! Size XS, Fits UK6-small UK8 (Superb quality; has hidden back zipper)
Selling price: RM63 with poslaju
Original price: Tagged AUD$70 (approx RM223), currently RM65 on website
Bought from (URL): www.hidechicspree.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Loose on me

Item 2826 : lovely_february@hotmail.com

Item: sexy cross top
Selling price: RM30
Original price: -
Bought from (URL): room8008.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too loose
Contact number (optional): 0164127826(sms/whatsapp only)

Item 2825 : chuenfong@gmail.com

Description: (i)Never been used (ii) Size: 36x25x13cm, comes with dust bag
Selling price: RM 1500 including postage (Negotiable)
Original price: RM 1700 including postage
Reason for selling: Wardrobe Clearance
Contact number (optional): Email for further inquiries or more photos of the bag

Friday, May 25, 2012

Item 2824 : imlaughters@gmail.com

Item: meadow
Description: casual fun dress 
Selling price: rm55
Original price:rm68
Bought from (URL): http://clothesforfun.blogspot.com/2012/02/meadow.html
Reason for selling: lil too short for me

Item 2823 : salesherveleger@hotmail.com

Item: High Quality Velvet Wedge - Electric Blue
Description: Velvet material & beautiful finishing (Mine is in Electric Blue)
Selling price: Rm99 inclusive delivery
Original price: RM 250 not inclusive delivery
Bought from (URL): www.arrogantminnie.com
Reason for selling: Doesnt not suit my sizing (size 7 but suit 6 or small 7)
Contact number (optional): 0165549778 (Real picture could be provided via Whatsapp)

Item 2822 : beverly7784@hotmail.com

Item: Vero Moda inspired fit and flare dress in turquoise color- size L (small cutting)
Description: Brand new. Fun and comfortable dress with hidden side zip and comes with black sash. Small cutting, suitable for size M and small L people.
Selling price: RM76- shipping fees included
Original price: RM76- shipping fees included
Bought from (URL): doublewoot.com
Reason for selling: Too big for me.
Contact: Please contact me thru e-mail for inquiries.

Item 2820 : linda_liana@yahoo.com

Item: Miss Blazer - Black
Description: Black color, S size. Brand new,unworn blazer!
Selling price: RM45 with Free Poslaju
Original price: RM53 include Poslaju
Reason for selling: Impulse Purchase.
Contact number (optional): 012-6325944

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Item 2819 : azimah_liyana@yahoo.com

Item: Diana Instant Back
Description: Turns your Diana F+ into an instax! Produces BEAUTIFUL pictures, trust me! It's gonna be totally worth it!
Selling price: RM290
Original price: RM329 + RM30 (for CR-2 batteries)
Reason for selling: Have too many cameras already, and not really into mini photos, they're really cute but I love... largeness :p
Contact number (optional): 0136233625 (SMS only)

Item 2818 : joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Chinook
Description: Mustard chiffon top with flare waistline. Fits UK6-10.
Selling price: RM35 including registered post
Original price:RM52 including postage
Reason for selling:Impulse buy

Item 2816 : lovely_february@hotmail.com

Item: sexy side cross dress (Nude)
Selling price: RM30
Original price: RM49
Bought from (URL): room8008.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too loose
Contact number (optional): 0164127826(sms/whatsapp only)

Item 2815 : keeponhope@yahoo.com

Item: Full swirl maxi dress 
Description: Turn it to right or for the full swirl. This dress made for every types of figures because of the adjustable waist. It will make give the curve that you always wants! :) 9.5/10 looks like new as I wore it once only.
Selling price: RM50 including postage 
Original price: RM 65 without postage
Bought from (URL): honey-pumpkin.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too many dress
Contact number (optional): 0183248382

Item 2814 : l.teresa86@yahoo.com

Item: jumpsuit-mustard
|Selling price: rm50 ( include postage )
Original price: rm89 (without postage)
Reason for selling: too loose for me 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Item 2813 : popsikolaz@gmail.com

Item: black scallop dress
Description: brand new
Selling price: rm35 inc. reg.postage
Original price: rm38 + rm6 postage
Reason for selling: Clearing wardrobe

Item 2812: kievblonde@gmail.com

Item: Floral Chiffon Bustier Dress in Nude
Description: BRAND NEW cut off spring flowers al over the tube bustier dress .  Fits XS - M
Selling price: RM82 inclusive postage 
Original price:RM 86 nclusive postage
Bought from (URL): www.tictactoe28.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: implusive purchase

Item 2811 : myexloverscloset@hotmail.com

Item: Leopard V-Back Party Dress
Description: Leopard Print. Deep Sexy V-Back. Attached Waistline Belt. Dress Comes in Two Floaty Layers. 
Selling price: RM45 (NOT including postage)
Original price: RM70 (NOT including postage)
Bought from (URL):  Teamo2080 (http://teamo2080.blogspot.com)
Reason for selling: Too many party dresses in my wardrobe. 

Item 2810 : beverly7784@hotmail.com

Item: Accordion Pleat Jumper Skirt in dusty pink color- free size
Description: Fun and flowy pleated skirt. Made of good quality chiffon material. Fully lined with satin material. Brand new.
Selling price: RM100- shipping fees NOT included (price negotiable)
Original price: SGD77.60- shipping fees NOT included (approx. RM155)
Bought from (URL): Stylezi.com (Korean Fashion)
Reason for selling: It's pretty, but not my style..
Contact: Please contact me thru e-mail for inquiries.

Item 2808 : hueysan39@googlemail.com

Item: Topshop inspired Skaterdress (Color: Maroon-pink)
Description: NEW, never worn before. Measurements: Length- 77cm, Bust- 29 inch to 32 inch, Waist- 25 inch to 28 inch
Selling price: RM59
Original price: RM60
Bought from (URL): Doublewoot.com
Reason for selling: Not suitable for me
Contact: Please contact me thru my e-mail for inquiries. Thank you.

Item 2807 : navina28@hotmail.com

Item: 3/4 sleeve cardigan
Description: Hot pink, Brand: Kitschen, Tagged size S, BRAND NEW
Selling price: RM30
Original price: RM50
Bought from (URL): www.salesandfrills.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Impulse buy because it was so cheap!
Contact number (optional): 0173766516

Item 2806 : junlaw15@gmail.com

Item: Romantic Roses Blouse
Description: Cream color romantic roses blouse
Selling price: RM35 
Original price: RM65
Reason for selling: Impulse buying

Item 2805 : ilyaiin@yahoo.com

Item: 100% Original Authentic Guess Bag
Description: Brown, Worn once only, Can use as a sling bag
Selling price: RM200 only
Original price: RM300++
Bought from (URL): Lowyat.net
Reason for selling: not my style

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Item 2804 : shopeme@live.com

Item: Dress
Description: Selling 2nd dress,Black - Beige. Brand New.Condition 10/10. worn for trying purpose only
Selling price: RM40 without postage ( free postage will be given if the buyer pay before 24 hours after the items is being reserved)
Original price: RM49 without postage
Bought from (URL): Closetmino http://www.facebook.com/Closetmino
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase. Not suit me.

Item 2800 :m_tmw@hotmail.com

Item: Glitter top (my piece is the one in BLACK)
Selling price: RM24
Original price: RM39
Reason for selling: Clearing closet, BRAND NEW
Contact number (optional): 0173552334

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Item 2799 : squarecold_ft@yahoo.com

Item: Henley Block tunic - Green
  • Silky poly material
  • Brass button detail
  • New/Never worn
  • Selling price: RM50
    Original price: RM56
    Bought from (URL): www.thepoplook.com
    Reason for selling: clearing up closet

    Item 2798 : agnes_low@live.com.my

    Item: Lyca Lace Dress
    Description: Free Size (UK6-UK10)(XS-M) (Length 29.5"/75cm)
    Selling price: RM30
    Original price: RM45
    Bought from (URL): theprettywardrobe.blogspot.com
    Reason for selling: clear wardrobe
    Contact number (optional): 012-5712181

    Item 2797 : yamentos@gmail.com

    Item: dark choc long dress
    Description: used twice
    length : 91 cm
    waist : 28 cm (stretchable, smoking style at back)
    comfortable to wear, nice lace inside
    Selling price: rm26 (including postage by poslaju)
    Original price:rm3o excluding postage
    Bought from (URL): fluffy rainbows
    Reason for selling: wardrobe clearance

    Item 2796 : herbs.herbaceous@gmail.com

    Item: Peter Pan Collar Top
    Description: Brand New, Free Size, Mix Polyester (Thick crepe)
    Selling price: RM40 (including shipping). No COD.
    Original price: RM51 (including shipping)
    Bought from (URL): Cajoyness
    Reason for selling: It's just not for me.

    Item 2795 : azlynne.z@gmai.com

    Item: furla black tote
    Description: extremely good condition leather bag
    Selling price: offer me
    Original price: rm400
    Bought from (URL): negobundle.blogspot.com
    Reason for selling: too many bags

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    Item 2794 : jiashin2106@hotmail.com

    Item: Leopard Collar Dotted Long Sleeve
    Material : Cotton + Chiffon 
    Length : 54cm 
    Bust : 86cm 
    Shoulder : 36cm 
    Sleeves : 56cm 
    Fits size 6 - size 8 
    Selling Price: RM35 with postage 
    Reason for selling:Bought the wrong size

    Item 2793 : kayjenno@gmail.com

    Item: Palazzo Shorts in GREY (pic unavailable)
    Description: Brand new, just received this week. Tried only once!
    Selling price: RM28 including poslaju
    Original price: RM35 including poslaju
    Bought from (URL): www.tanksfor5.blogspot.com
    Reason for selling: It doesn't fit quite right :/ suits a UK4-8 best.

    Item 2792 : mandagoh13@hotmail.com

    Item: Shoulder Slit Dress in Pastel Green 
    Description: Thick, quality cotton. Chiffon sleeves. Fits UK4-8. Brand new. Not worn.
    Selling price: RM36 with Pos Laju 
    Original price: RM 36 with postage
    Reason for selling: Impluse purchase. 

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    Item 2791 : Cheeyeng7@hotmail.com

    Item: Shimmer skirt
    Description: Brand new
    Selling price: RM45 (Not include Postage)
    Original price:RM45
    Reason for selling: Does not suit me (too bad) I like it much =(
    Contact number (optional):0123698939 (only if you're a serious buyer)

    Item 2789 : navina28@hotmail.com

    Item: Dual tone abstract print dress
    Description: Free size, functional zipper, abstract print, Brand new!
    Selling price: RM35
    Original price: Rm57
    Bought from (URL): www.doveylovey.blogspot.com
    Reason for selling: Too many dual tone dresses
    Contact number (optional): 0173766516

    Item 2788 : adilah.amran@hotmail.com

    Item: Leopard Print Maxi Cardigan
    Description: Material: Soft cotton
    Fits UK4-UK10
    Length 38inch
    with two sided pocket
    comfortable to wear
    very nice design
    Brand new, never worn!
    Selling price: RM36 included postage (wm)
    Original price: RM44 inc postage
    Reason for selling:  Impulsive purchase

    Item 2787 :agnesckm@live.com

    Item: marcy pleated dress PINK M size
    Description: puffy sleeves and pleated at waist. Length: 89cm, Bust: 40-42cm, Waist: 33-36cm Hips:43-46cm (x2 for circumference)
    Selling price: RM60
    Original price: RM69
    Bought from (URL): Doublewoot
    Reason for selling: need cash now

    Item 2785 : m20_m23@hotmail.com

    Item: Red Heels
    Description: Never worn before Red High Heels. Height 11cm
    Selling price: RM60
    Original price: RM80
    Bought from (URL): taobao.com
    Reason for selling: No Occasion to wear

    Item 2784 : kyungsshi@live.com

    Item: Chino Shorts with Belt
    Description: Waist: 78cm (high), Hips: 98cm, Length: 34cm (basically fits up to UK10)
    Original price: RM49 without postage
    Selling price: RM45 with postage
    Bought from (URL): http://www.octoberorigin.com/
    Reason for selling: wrong size bought.
    Contact number (optional): 017 972 9102

    Item 2783 :mandy_goh13@hotmail.com

    Item:  The litzy sailor top
    Description: made of perfect quality cloth, BRAND NEW,. tried for trying purposes only. (BLUE COLOR)
    Selling price: RM45
    Original price: RM50
    Bought from (URL): www.blueyjoyce.blogspot.com

    Item 2781 : wear.this.not.that@hotmail.com

    Item: Waterfall long trench 
    Description: Fits Uk 4-8/ Brand new/ Khaki in colour / good quality chiffon
                      A classic piece of trench that is just good for our weather in msia
    Selling price: RM 55
    Original price: RM 65
    Bought from (URL): an old flame
    Reason for selling: have the trench of the same length in black colour already