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Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What kind of items can I submit to Pasar Night?
A: The general rule is that if you bought it online, you can resell it online here! :) Our main purpose is to provide a reassuring site for online shoppers to turn to if something doesn't fit or wasn't what they were looking for - so that ultimately more people will start shopping online :D

Q: Can I submit items I bought from online stores like ASOS.com, Forever21.com or Lowyat forums?
A: Sure! :)

Q: Do I need to pay Pasar Night anything for posting my items?
A: No. The only paid element of this website is the Advertising section :)

Q: I can't afford to advertise on Pasar Night, can you link my preloved blogshop for free?
A: Yes, we only link preloved blogshops and it is free of charge :) Drop an e-mail to pasarnight@gmail.com with your blogshop URL and the administrator will link you on the "Relove Preloved" blogroll within 2 weeks!

Q: Do I send you e-mail updates of my preloved blogshop?
A: No, please don't. This is not a review blog. It is a platform for reselling items.

Q: I don't have a blogshop (preloved or brand new), can I advertise on Pasar Night?
A: Yes, you can :) We encourage you to send us the post links of all your items we've posted on Pasar Night, we'll give you a label just for your items - and link that label to your advertisement banner. When a reader clicks the advertisement, he/she will be led to all your items only. You can even share this advertisement with your friends by putting all your blog posts under one label! :D This way, you can even set up your own preloved "blogshop" within Pasar Night - but we'll do the work for you, including promoting this blog! :)