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Friday, December 30, 2011

Item 2456 : bibianafongsc@hotmail.com

Item: Classic Shoulder Bag
Description: Brand new/Black/Velvet (with dust bag)
Selling price: RM45 without postage
Original price: RM60 without postage
Bought from (URL): http://www.lisztomania-owl.com
Reason for selling: Impulse Purchase

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Item 2454 : maisaamuhams@gmail.com

Item: Grey Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Wood
Description: Brand new, Color : Grey, Size : 35/4
Selling price: RM60 including postage
Original price: RM70
Bought from (URL): Shoecraze!
Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size
Contact number (optional): 017-3555363

Item 2453 : nuranith@yahoo.com

Item: Black Coat
Description: Brand New! Length 48cm, Bust 86cm, Shoulder 36cm, Sleeve length 58cm; Cotton
Selling price: RM40 
Original price: RM40
Bought from (URL): dolcehouse.com
Reason for selling: impulsive purchase
Contact number (optional): 0195250163

Item 2452 : offashionjunk@gmail.com

Item: Stripes offshoulder top
Description: Offshoulder. Never worn. Blue / Black. 
Selling price: RM50 including postage
Original price: RM50 excluding postage
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Item 2450 : angel1988my@hotmail.com

Item: Mascara
Description: It's brand new. it's stretchable and comfortable.
Selling price: Rm40 including pos laju (NEGO)
Original price: Rm52 including pos laju
Reason for selling: Impulse purchased

Item 2449 : jasminetan9090@gmail.com

Item: Forever21 Faux Crocodile Wallet  
An embossed faux crocodile wallet that features a push in closure and a removable check book with two interior window slots. Two accordion style pockets. Six credit card slots. One ID window slot. One zipper pocket. Tonal top stitching. Fully lined. Glossy finish. High polish hardware.
- 7.5" W x 4.6" H x 1" D
- Shell: 100% PVC; Lining: 100% polyester
- Imported
- New
- Check URL for more pictures
Selling Price: RM70 with postage
Original Price: RM79
Reason for selling: Extra :)

Item 2448 : csyyen123@gmail.com

Item: Three-ways Black Bag
Description: A bag can be use in three ways-As backpack,tote bag and sling bag. Completely new in packaging. It has defects. Ask me in email. :)
Selling price: RM25 w/ postage
Original price: Rm60 w/o postage
Bought from (URL): agapeboutique
Reason for selling: Not my style.
Contact number (optional): 0173459118

Item 2447 : szelin179@hotmail.com

Item: Long Black Satin Glove
Description: Size: Brand New, Not worn except for trying purposes , 59cm long measuring from middle finger, Material: Lycra (Stretchable material), very classy Audrey Hepburn style for a formal evening, mail me for more pics :)
Selling price: RM32
Original price: RM35
Reason for selling: Not suitable to go with my dress, so I bought another folded version. Up for sale as well if interested :). 

Item 2446 : ynzm86@yahoo.com

Item: Brown Sweetheart Neckline Leather Tube Dress
Description: Length:68cm, Bust: 80cm, Waist: 74-78cm, 
Can fit UK 6- UK10 (Free size)
Worn once for a few minutes for trying purpose
Selling price: RM 60 including postage, can be negotiated if COD around Bangsar and Midvalley
Original price:RM60+RM8 (postage) = RM68
Reason for selling: I really LOVE the dress, but I'm quite skinny, so it's too loose on me

Item 2445 : slurpsslurpie@aol.com

Item:  Black and purple dress
Description: Black and purple dress (exactly as seen in picture)
Selling price: RM30 (including posting)
Original price: RM68 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL):  Blissfully Beautiful
Reason for selling: Mum says too sexy 

Item 2444 : Orange.yeng@yahoo.com

Item: H&M Inspired Baseball Jacket
Description: BRANDNEW
Material: Suede+Felt (Sleeves : Superb Quality PU Leather)
Shoulder – 39cm /Bust – 94cm / Sleeves – 62cm /Length –  52cm
Selling price: RM100 (Inclusive Postage to WM)
Original price: RM130 (Exclusive Postage)
Bought from: http://coutureneverfades.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: It is too big for me.

Item 2443 : nataliechai92@hotmail.com

Item: Black Guess T-shirt
Description: ORIGINAL Guess T-shirt, Black, comfy, 100% cotton, has pretty wordings as shown in the pics :) Size M. NEW condition!
Selling price: RM45 (includes postlaju)
Original price: RM129
Reason for selling: its a really nice shirt, but i've a lot of t-shirts and i need cash now =( hence im gonna sell em' off as quick at a super reasonable price. its a worth buy! 
Contact number (optional): 016-8537762 (pls sms if anything)

Item 2442 : susan11113@gmail.com

Item: Trinie Toga
Description: Gorgeous Must- Have Toga made of comfy cotton! Great for casual/formal outing.
Selling price: 50 (inclusive of postage)
Original price: 55 (inclusive of postage)
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase.. have quite a few of similar dresses already.

Item 2441 : little.mustache@hotmail.com

Item: vintage black colour button dress
Description: Free size,brand new
Selling price: RM40 (negotiable) 
Original price:RM59
Bought from (URL): http://darling-z.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Sorting out my wardrobes

Item 2440 : bluedaylilies@gmail.com

Item: Flats
Description: 37 Dark blue, PU Brand new
Selling price: RM45 (with postage)
Original price: RM48 ((with postage)
Bought from (URL): http://shoeshaven89.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: bought the wrong size

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Item 2438 : dangerous_angel7@hotmail.com

Item: Hot red panel skirt
Description: Comfy Thick Stretchable Cotton. Brand new. Never worn.
                        Length: 38cm
Waist: 66cm
Hips: 74cm
Selling price: RM36 only
Original price: RM38
Bought from (URL): Attire Attic (http://attireattic.blogspot.com)
Reason for selling: Too small. Bought the wrong size in S. 
Contact number (optional): 012-3606276

Item 2437 : dainesorr@yahoo.com

Item: red suede pump
description: vincci 39
Selling price: rm40
Original price: -
Bought from (URL): http://dandelions-kisses.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: its pig lining skin. i cant wear it.  Bought from (URL): http://dandelions-kisses.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: its pig lining skin. i cant wear it. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Item 2436 : mylittlepandora@hotmail.com

Item: Red lacey dress
Description: Brand new, jz got it 2 days ago
Selling price: RM 40 including postage
Original price:  Bought it for RM 43 including postage
Reason for selling: Too short for me

Item 2435 : jolyen_wyh@hotmail.com

Item: Pleated Maxi Skirt (Green)
Description: Free size; Suitable for S-M; Has inner lining
Selling price: RM60 with poslaju
Original price: RM62 without postage
Bought from (URL): http://octoberorigin.com/webshaper/store/viewProd.asp?pkProductItem=140
Reason for selling: Too long for my liking

Item 2434 : angie_heo@yahoo.com

Item: brown pump shoes
Description:  Never been worn. 10cm heels size 36, ~~ Verycomfortable
Selling price: RM 50  ( included postage )
Original price: RM60 (without postage)
Reason for selling: not fot in my size 
Contact number (optional): 016 955 9215

Item 2433 : gurliciousdarl@hotmail.com

Item : Stripe Dress (pics credit to crystalicious.blogspot.com) [email me for extra pics]
Description : Fits Small UK4 up to UK8 (very stretchable) Brand New
Selling Price : RM55 Inclusive Postage
Original Price : RM55 excluding postage
Reason for Selling : Impulse Purchase

Item 2432 : piggysiew@hotmail.com

Item: Polka Dot Skirt (Orange color)
Description : Brand New/ Size S (Fits UK6)/ Material: Cotton (Stretchable at waist)
Selling price: RM78 (Including Shipping fee)
Original price: RM88 (Including Shipping fee)
Bought from (URL): Dress Up Girls Boutique (FaceBook)
Reason for selling: Impulse purchased

Item 2431 : wahieda91@gmail.com

Item: Mustard high waist skirt
Description: brand new!never been worn, waist-26 cm, length-90 cm, hip-35cm
Selling price: RM 55 (inclusive shipping)
Original price: RM 59 (inclusive postage)
Bought from (URL): kaki shopping (facebook)
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Friday, December 23, 2011

Item 2430 : senri_ning@hotmail.com

Item: Korean Black White Stripe Collar Shirt
Description: Can be worn formally or casually too! (Worned once)
Selling price: RM26
Original price: RM30
Bought from (URL): Fashionate Online Boutique
Reason for selling: Wardrobe Clearance

Item 2429 : slurpsslurpie@aol.com

Item:  Black and white dress
Description: Black and white dress (exactly as seen in picture)
Selling price: RM30 (including posting)
Original price: RM40 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL):  Bunny noo
Reason for selling: Mum says too sexy and I cant fight her because she gives me allowance :(

Item 2428 : serahphnj11y@gmail.com

Item: Toga Weave One-Sleeve Jersey Dress
Description: Very impressive quality, despite the price. I promise! (And Im difficult to please) x
Selling price: RM 55 (without postage)
Original price: RM 55 (without postage)
Bought from (URL): anoldflame.net
Reason for selling: Fitting isnt right for my too-petite breasts

Item 2427 : sabrina.louis@hotmail.com

Item: Black Highwaist Pants
Description: Stretchable Material, Fits size S
Selling price: RM40 including postage
Original price: RM40 excluding postage
Bought from URL : eternalclothes.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too small for me!


Item 2426 : nataliechai92@hotmail.com

Item: Grey dress with ribbon 
Description: cute and elegant grey dress with black ribbon. as seen in pics (which i just took),lenght of dress is around 68 cm, BRAND NEW! suitable for almost any outing!
Selling price: RM28 (include post)
Original price: RM45 (include post)
Reason for selling: this is a really cute dress but i've too many clothes and need cash now :S so selling it off as fast at a super worth it price for buyers. 
Contact number (optional): 016-8537762

Monday, December 19, 2011

Item 2424 : chocochiq.grace@gmail.com

Item : Mustard Layer Peterpan Collar Top
Description : Free Size, impulse purchase
Bought from [URL]: -
Reason for reselling: Impulse purchase
Purchased price: RM40
Selling price: RM35 

Contact : chocochiq.grace@gmail.com

Item 2425 : misscherio@hotmail.com

Item: Mod dress in white
Description: White MOD dress, suitable for work, formal events, thick quality material, not sheer at all!
Selling price: RM55 INCLUDING postage
Original price: RM59 excluding postage
Reason for selling: Doesn't suit me

Item 2423 : kellegoh@gmail.com

Item: Convertible dress - Black
Description: Brand new, not worn - kept for few months :(
Selling price: RM65 including pos laju
Original price: RM69 + RM8 postage fee
Reason for selling: doesn't suit me.

Item 2422 : forever.maxi@yahoo.com

Item: Bright Floral Top 
Description: brand new, never worn, fits S-XL, material: cotton 
Selling price: RM29 (incl poslaju)
Original price: RM40 
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2421 : chanyangtze@gmail.com

Item: Asos Designer Corset (Specially designed for size XS-L)
Description: White in colour NEVER wore before.
Size: fits UK4-12
Measurements: 16 inches length, 12-16 inches bust, 14-19 inches waist
Selling price: RM40.00 + Postage RM6.00 = RM46.00
Original price: RM50.00
Reason for selling: Impulsive purchase.

Item 2420 : lynnafcl@gmail.com

Item: Luscious Lace in White 
Description: Very good lace material. Comes with detachable brooch. Never worn before. Brand new. 
Selling price: RM 28
Original price: RM 50
Bought from (URL): www.aseasoninsummer.com 
Reason for selling: Wardrobe Clearance
Contact number (optional): Given upon request. 

Item 2419 : erin.ahmad@gmail.com

Item: Thepoplook Elara maxi dress - NEW!
Description: A beautiful simple maxi with feminine boatneck detail. Layer on jewellery and you are evening-ready too!, good quality, heavy Jersey material, Gartered waist, Colour – Navy, one Size, Length: 143cm
Selling price: RM 70
Original price: rm 79
Bought from (URL): thepoplook.com
Reason for selling: too big for me
Contact number (optional): 016-2225642

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Item 2418 : bitsnpieces23@gmail.com

Item: Lacey Dress
Description: Pit to pit is 34cm. Length is 83.5cm. Made of chiffon, mesh lace and satin. Double-lined. Worn once only!
Selling price: RM30 without postage
Original price: RM39 without postage
Reason for selling: Too many dresses
Contact number: 017-2188330

Item 2417 : kymphuah@gmail.com

Item: Phat Culture's Danielle Web Dress
Description: Size: Fits UK4-10. Length: 31 inches. Made of thick bodycon cotton material. Only worn once, still in excellent condition.
Selling price: RM45
Original price: RM55
Bought from (URL): www.phatculture.com
Reason for selling: Wardrobe clearance
Contact number (optional): 016 2916633 (for a quicker reply)

Item 2416 : stars-of-heaven@hotmail.com

Item: Asos Inspired Cheongsam
Description: Cotton, hidden side zipper, mustard. UK6-10, S-M
Selling price: RM55
Original price: RM69
Bought from (URL): Doublewoot
Reason for selling: Impulse Purchase

Item 2415 : ahsher@gmail.com

Item: Satin White Cheongsam
Description: Brand New, M size  
Selling price: RM 50
Original price: RM 59 
Bought from (URL): www.peepboutique.com 
Reason for selling: It's a pretty dress! Too bad I'm leaving for Australia

Item 2414 : cherriebloom1@gmail.com

Item: Red Tube Dress
Description: BRAND NEW. Never worn! Still in good condition with tag. Just received today 07/12. 
Material : Top notch thick stretchable cotton with back zipper.
Selling price: RM55 with Postage
Original price: RM69 without Postage 
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase and it doesn't look nice on me.

Item 2413 : euseeta@gmail.com

Item: Up Shoes- Tree Brown
Description: Brown faux leather with silver-buckle details and brown
canvas wrapped wedges
Selling price: RM100 including postage
Original price: Approximately RM141 including postage
Bought from (URL): www.iwearup.com
Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size

Friday, December 16, 2011

Item 2412 : stars-of-heaven@hotmail.com

Name of Item: Electric Blue Tube Dress
Description : UK6-10, S-M, Brand New
Bought from [URL]: Attire's Attic
Reason for reselling: A bit loose for me, I'm XS
Purchased price: RM49 without postage
Selling price: RM49 with postage
Why YOU should buy it: Sexy and flaunts your curves
Contact method (sms/email): stars-of-heaven@hotmail.com

Item 2411: fuzzleen@gmail.com

Item: Bat wing top in beige
Description:Brand new
Material: cotton
Size:Free size
Selling price:RM40 with poslaju
Original price:RM48 with poslaju
Bought from: www.hutzfashion.com
Reason for selling: too many similar tops

Item 2410 : wyho88@hotmail.com

Item: Lace grey dress
Selling price: RM35 including postage
Original price: RM56 including postage
Bought from: clothesforfun.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too many lace dresses

Item 2409 : wear.this.not.that@hotmail.com

Item: Ruched knot
Description: Brand new 
Selling price: RM 60
Original price: RM 60
Reason for selling: it is too big for me!