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Friday, June 29, 2012

Item 2905 : rachelchong8@gmail.com

Item: Dress
Description: Victoria Beckham Inspired Pencil Skirt (Peach Colour), size M, scretchable, body fitting, back zipping, thick material, BRAND NEW, never wear it before. May suit size S-M. 
Selling Price: RM60 (Free Postage)
Original Price: RM69 + RM9 (Postage fees)
Bought from (URL) : www.curvesboutiquekk.com
Reason for selling: Doesn't like the body fitting and colour as I prefer black dresses.
Contact number: 016-337 2687 (SMS only for faster reply!)

Item 2904 : prettyinpetals@hotmail.co.uk

Item: Black Blazer 
Description: Length 46CM Bust Within 86CM Sleeve Length 36CM Shoulder 35CM
Selling Price: RM30 (including postage) 
Original Price: RM36 (including postage)
Brought From: Fashionistalove21 http://www.fashionistalove21.com/goods.php?id=8536
Reason For Selling: I have so many blazers

Item 2903 : secretperiwinkle@gmail.com

Item: Yellow Pocket High Waisted Shorts
Description: BRAND NEW
Selling price: RM20
Original price:RM45
Bought from (URL): http://www.6thsensebydt.com
Reason for selling: doesnt suit me/closet clearing

Item 2902 : nurul_idany@yahoo.com

Item:  High heels
Description: Green color ( size 39 )
Selling price:  RM 80 INCLUDING POSTAGE
Original price:  RM 87 INCLUDING POSTAGE
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase, never worn it.
Contact number (optional): 017 2654491

Item 2901 : jolene_nis@hotmail.com

Item: Polka Dot Shift Dress
Description: Thick Cotton. Length : 82cm/ Bust: 37cm/ Hip:41cm. Brand new with tag still on. 
Selling price: RM 55
Original price: RM 69
Bought from (URL): doublewoot

Item 2900 : leecynth@hotmail.com

Item:  ASOS Halter Cheesecloth Maxi Beach Dress  (new and not tried)
Description: UK8
Selling price: RM70 include postage
Original price: 15pounds
Reason for selling: Clearing office space!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Item 2899 : chong_yuki@yahoo.com

Item: Fire Brick Long Top
Description: S-M
Selling price: RM39 include postage
Original price: RM44 without postage
Bought from (URL): blueyjoyce.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too many red stuffs 

Item 2898 : crashmywardrobe@gmail.com

Item: Horses Long Shirt - Orange
Description: Brand New
Selling price: RM50 (including postage)
Original price: RM56
Reason for selling: Too small for me

Item 2897 : scumieshi@yahoo.com

Item: Lucifer Crochet Collar Top (Ivory)
Description: Measurements : Shoulder 40cm/ Bust 100cm/ Sleeves Length 57cm/ Full Length 60cm
Details : Lovely lace crochet collared, pleat front & long sleeves. Tuck in for another style.
Material : Polyester & Chiffon
Selling price: RM50 including postage
Original price: RM 57
Reason for selling: quite large for me. worn for trying purpose only. 

Item 2896 : evejen23@gmail.com

Item:   Topshop Inspired Maxi Skirt with Short Inner Lining
Description:  Fits UK6-10/ Brand New/ Black and Peach/ Chiffon Mix
Selling price: RM39 each with postage
Original price: RM39
Bought from (URL): www.modello-jc.blogspot.com

Item 2894 : glossy86_onnanoko@hotmail.com

Item: Loafers with Tassel by ASOS
Description: Navy blue loafers, Upper material: 100% Polyurethane, Lining sock: 100% Textile, Sole: 100% Resin (awesome material!),  
Selling price: RM78
Original price: RM91
Bought from (URL): www.asos.com
Reason for selling: Too many Navy coloured shoes
Contact number (optional): -

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Item 2893 : naughtyyen@hotmail.com

Name of Item: Santana Mesh Bodycon Dress
Description : Size uk 4to 10. Brand new. Made of  thick stretchable bodycon material  with side zipper. *best seller*
Bought from [URL]: www.phatculture.com
Reason for reselling: No chance to wear
Purchased price: RM 57 without postage
Selling price: RM 49 include postage (price negotiable)
Why YOU should buy it: Very good quality and pretty. Suitable for dinner wear or any formal occasion.
Contact method (sms/email): naughtyyen@hotmail.com

Item 2892 : cikbahagie@gmail.com

Item: Playsuit
Description: Excellent condition. Worn once only.
Selling price: RM35 including postage
Original price: RM55 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://www.hutzfashion.com/
Reason for selling: Wardrobe clearance :)
Contact number (optional): 0168558171

Item 2891 : cameliacandy88@gmail.com

Item: mini dress (tokyo street)
Description: stretchable, cute design
Selling price: RM25
Original price: RM45
Reason for selling: bought this for my friend , however forgot to pass it to her and it stays unworn in my wardrobe since i seldom wear mini dress..
Contact number (optional): 

Item 2890 : katrinaiman@gmail.com

Item: Nordic Leggings
Description: 35.5inches long. Suitable for girls with skinny legs because it's not that stretchable. Size XS-S.
Selling price: RM 26 including poslaju fees WM. EM add RM 4.
Original price: RM 25 excluding postage.
Bought from (URL): cherryjunk
Reason for selling: Too tight for me 

Item 2889 : evejen23@gmail.com

Item:  Zara Inspired Asymmetrical Hem Skirt
Description:  Fits UK6-10/ Brand New/ Wine Red/ Chiffon
Selling price: RM45 with postage
Original price: RM45
Bought from (URL): www.cajoyness.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too many similar items

Item 2888 : navina28@hotmail.com

Item: black dress
Description: H&M
                   Brand new with tags
Selling price: RM76 inclusive postage
Original price: RM89 without postage
Bought from (URL): www.lush-doodles.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: clearing out closet
Contact number (optional): 0173766516 (text me for faster response)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Item 2887 : chewydewyy@gmail.com

Item: Suede Platform Pumps
Description: Beige (Size 38)
Selling price: RM45 including Poslaju to WM
Original price: RM49 excluding postage
Reason for selling: Too high for me

Item 2886 :birds.bees.and.trees@gmail.com

Item: Authentic Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags (Made in France) 
Description: Large, Long handle, Brand new with paper bag & care card 
Selling price: RM480 each (free postage)
Original price: RM480 each
Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size :( I intended to get the medium size

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Item 2883 : izzah_danny@yahoo.com.my

Item: Dress
Description: Grey Dress
Selling price: RM35 include postage
Original price: RM45 include postage
Bought from (URL): orkedsukeshopping.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too big for me
Contact number (optional): 0199552433

Item 2881 : l.teresa86@yahoo.com

description : chiffon & cotton dress
Item: yellow & black dress
|Selling price: rm40 ( include postage )
Original price: rm55 (without postage)
Reason for selling: too many dress already

Item 2880 : pming_vzwh86@hotmail.com

Item: Tapered pants
-Smooth polyester cotton. Feels slightly satin-ish. Very cooling material.
-Size L: Length 32'', Waist 16'', Hip 19''
-Nude brownish
Selling price: RM 45 including postage
Original price: RM56 excluding postage
Reason for selling: Brand new, never worn before. A tad bit too tight for me.

Item 2879 : gurliciousdarl@hotmail.com

Item: Reina Eyelet Top in White [Brand New]
Description: eyelet + sequin stylish Top fits up to UK4-8 
Selling price: RM50 inclusive postage
Original price:RM50 inclusive postage
Bought from (URL): room8008
Reason for selling: impulse purchase
Picture credit to ChiqFliq

Item 2878 : elite_graphy@yahoo.com

Item: Cropped Black Jacket
Description: Never worn
Selling price: RM26 including postage
Original price: RM32
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Item 2876 : azlynne.z@gmail.com

Item: purple flair skirt
Description: superb quality and never been worn
Selling price: rm40
Original price: rm69
Bought from (URL): style influx
Reason for selling: impulsive purchase

Item 2875 : l.teresa86@yahoo.com

Item: black dress

Description : tight fitting high quality and side zip
|Selling price: rm50 ( include postage )
Original price: rm90 (without postage)
Reason for selling: too tight for me

Item 2874 : babezane@gmail.com

Item: Asos sweetherat lace dress
Description: brand new
Selling price: RM90
Original price: RM110
Bought from (URL): asos
Reason for selling: impulse buy
Contact number (optional): 012-8333357

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Item 2873 : idoloveshopping@hotmail.com

Item: Embroidery collar dress
Description: Feminine pleated dress with embroidered collar design. Made of quality chiffon. 
Selling price: RM40
Original price: RM49
Bought from (URL): Annahouse
Reason for selling: Bought another similar dress

Item 2872 : rachelchong8@gmail.com

Item: Dress
Description: Green Zip Collar Dress with Brand Tag attached (didn't remove), never wear it before & good quality. Thick material.
Selling price: RM70 (Free Postage)
Original price: RM75+RM9 (Postage fees)
Bought from (URL): www.curvesboutiquekk.com
Reason for selling: Too tight for me.
Contact number: 016-337 2687 (Rachel Chong)

Item 2870 : naughtyyen@hotmail.com

Name of Item: Pleated Skirt
Description : Size uk 4 to 10. Brand new. Blue Colour. Made of chiffon material. *Very good quality with inner lining*
Bought from [URL]: www.phatculture.com
Reason for reselling: No chance to wear
Purchased price: RM 59 without postage
Selling price: RM 45 include postage (price negotiable)
Why YOU should buy it: Nice pleats and very good quality. Suitable for any outings.
Contact method (sms/email): naughtyyen@hotmail.com

Item 2869 :kittyeng89@gmail.com

Item: Alexander Wang Inspired Cocktail Dress (Brand new. Never worn
except for trying purpose)
Description: Bust-79-83cm (stretchable elastic band behind),
Waist-59-63.5cm, Hip-85.5-89cm. Made of imported stretchable silk +
high elastic mesh (superb quality!)
Selling price: RM50 with Pos Laju
Original price: RM50 w/o postage
Bought from (URL): http://magnifiqueforever.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: Too loose on me

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Item 2868 : lalaclothes@gmail.com

Item: Heidi Pleated Maxi - Blue (never worn)
Length: 128cm  
Bust: 43cm
Waist: 45cm
Hips: 51cm    
Fits UK size: 6 - 8
Selling price: 55 include postage.
Original price: 60 (without postage)
Bought from (URL): http://www.thesugar.com.my/_item?item_id=037001
Reason for selling: Unworn. Too many maxi dresses.
Contact number (optional): 019-3525154

Item 2866 :breejoowel@gmail.com

Item: Maxi dress Scoopy doo - Fuschia Berry  color
Description: Excellent condition.Worn few times only.
Selling price: 50 without postage
Original price: 65 without postage
Bought from (URL): http://honey-pumpkin.blogspot.com/search/label/scoopy%20doo
Reason for selling: clearing out closet
Contact number (optional): 0122757100

Item 2865 :geegee.akhbar@gmail.com

Item: pleat maxi
Description: Slinky Maxi in Magenta (purple)
Selling price: 
Original price: RM74
Bought from (URL): www.thepoplook.com
Reason for selling: too many maxi. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Item 2864 :ching171285@yahoo.com

Item: topshop corset
Description: uk8
Selling price: RM80 [includes postage fee]
Original price:RM90 
Reason for selling: cant fit 

Item 2863 :jc_ong86@hotmail.com

Item: Toga dinner dress
Description: Back Zip + Built In Bra Pad
Selling price: RM 49 inclusive postage
Original price: RM59 + RM8 poslaju
Bought from (URL): ebay
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase, just got it today. 
Contact number (optional): +60122092635

Item 2862 :ilyani.alias@gmail.com

Item: Polka Dot Tie Back Maxi
Description: Off good quality material in mustard with black 
Selling price: RM 45 (with postage)
Original price: RM 45 (without postage)
Reason for selling: 1 size too small

Item 2861 : nuramira.azmi@gmail.com

Item: FOREVER 21 animal print chiffon blouse
Description: Zebra print chiffon blouse
Selling price: RM 30
Original price: RM 79
Bought from: bohoparadise- summerocean.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: trying a different style
Contact number: 0123450850

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Item 2860 : sheervie@gmail.com

Item: Serena Peach Jumpsuit
Description: Fits Uk 6-10 (elastane mix material)
Selling price: RM 59 (with postage)
Original price: RM69 (with postage)
Bought from (URL): www.su-estilo.com
Reason for selling: Clear wardrobe

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Item 2858 : rachel.t7@hotmail.com

Item: Dress
Description : BUST: 88 CM WAIST: 90 CM 
HIPS: 98 CM 
LENGTH: 82 CM. Bodycon but not very tight. Never worn it before. BRAND NEW! :)
Selling price: 30
Original price: 38
Bought from (URL): http://www.hutzfashion.com/ 
Reason for selling: Closet clearence 
Contact number (optional): http://www.facebook.com/rachel.tan.58 (0164304095)

Item 2857 :joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Lavaliere
Description: Brand new flippy babydoll dress. Exact replica of Topshop. Made of top notch satin and lace.
Selling price: RM70 including registered post
Original price:RM86 including postage
Reason for selling:Impulse purchase

Item 2856 :sitinurhajartajudeen@gmail.com

Item: Green Maxi Dress
Description: brand new . worn only for trying purpose
Selling price: RM44
Original price: RM55 including postage
Reason for selling: a little big for me as i'm too small 
Contact number (optional): 0139088603 (cod is available at uitm shah alam and usj, subang jaya)

Item 2855 : mzrreyna@yahoo.com.sg

Item: Embroidered Flowers Top (See-through)
Description: Fit size XS-M, Shoulder: Unlimited | Bust 98 | Length 61, See-Through Top, 
Color : Yellow 
Reason for selling: Yellow doesnt suit my skin tone:)
Selling price: rm50 including pos laju! 
Original price: rm 60 (with poslaju)

Item 2854 : beverly7784@hotmail.com

Item: The Pop Look - Empire Combo Maxi Dress (Purple color)
Description: NEW, never worn before. (Fits UK SIZE 6-10)
Selling price: RM69
Original price: RM69
Bought from (URL): thepoplook.com
Reason for selling: Too long.
Contact: Please e-mail me for inquiries.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Item 2852 : sharmimie_090692@yahoo.com.my

Item: cotton on oxford shoes black
Description: bought it from other's preloved web page
she said she bought it at cotton on without the shoe lace :( 
might fit 37-38
Selling price: RM 35
Original price: RM 45
Bought from (URL): pkaws.tumblr.com
Reason for selling: would kill for this shoes but it is too big for me!!!
Contact number (optional): 0193793466

Item 2851 : mybabypitstop@gmail.com

Item: Cecile Pencildress - Brand New 
Description: Exclusive V Neck Pencildress. Measurement M size :
length: 94cm, Bust : 39-43cm, Waist: 37-39cm, Hips : 44-47  
Selling price: RM 60 with free pos laju shipping 
Original price: RM 69
Bought from (URL): DW
Reason for selling: Cutting too big for me. 
Contact number (optional): na

Item 2850 : joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: SUPRE Oversized Square Mini Dress With Scoop Neck in BLACK
Description: Brand new with tags still attached. Selling the one in black. Tagged XXS bt fits up to a UK12.
Selling price: RM35 including registered post
Original price: RM58 including postage
Bought from (URL): Kaleidoscope Sunday
Reason for selling:Impulse Buy

Item 2849 : random.sarah24@gmail.com

Item: Oak Proenza Schouler PS1 Inspired Bag
- In excellent condition. Almost brand new. 
- Used lightly once to shopping mall.
Selling price: RM70
Original price: RM75
Reason for selling:
- Impulse purchase
- I love the design but somehow it doesn't sit well with me. Maybe it's just not my style :/
- COD available (Inquire within)