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Monday, October 31, 2011

Item 2246 :forever.maxi@yahoo.com

Item: ASOS petite midi bandeau dress with twist top
Description: brand new, never worn except for trying purpose only, UK 12, (fits up to L), very nice material, comfy, stretchable, its in BLACK COLOR
Selling price: RM 50 (free postage)
Original price: RM 69
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: no oaccasion to wear for.

Item 2245 : passportforfashion@gmail.com

Item: Fringe Long Sleeve Dress
Description: Dark Grey Color (Brand New)
Selling price: RM 57
Original price: RM 30 ONLY
Bought from (URL): anoldflame
Reason for selling: Impulse Purchase

Item 2244 : fabulousity@hotmail.my

Item: sexy party dress
Description: One piece dress , blue & black, Soft cotton , Stretchable with side zip
Selling price: RM 48 exl postage
Original price: Rm 60++ incl postage
Reason for selling: too many party dress 

Item 2242 : emperess_mia91@yahoo.com

Item: Flare pants
Description: Flowy cotton, fits uk6-12, colour is as shown in picture (fuchsia)
Selling price: rm50
Original price: rm59 excluding postage
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: Im petite, unfortunately :(
Contact number (optional): 019-2912973

Item 2241 : anyeszu2727@hotmail.com

Item: ASOS dress
Description: only available in blue. exact piece like in the picture, fit uk6-10 free size.length 88cm
Selling price: rm60 with postage
Original price:rm69 without postage
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: impulse purchase
Contact number (optional): 0169492592

Item 2240 : bunny.galore@hotmail.com

Item: Toga white dress
Description: Brand new, really gorgeous toga dress with pretty embellishments on the bust area. - adjustable length.
Selling price: RM 35
Original price: Can't remember, around RM 75 including postage?
Bought from (URL): catinthebowl.com
Reason for selling: Too loose at the top.
Contact number (optional): 014-9309372

Item 2239: gorgeoustakesthecity@gmail.com

Item: Nefertiti dress, cream
Description: brand new. uk4-10
Selling price: rm80 incl postage
Original price: rm86  nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): style influx
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Item 2238 :ahsher@gmail.com

Item: White Angel Dress
Description: UK 6 - 12, Brand New, White  
Selling price: RM 50 
Original price: RM 55 
Bought from (URL): www.double-woot.com 
Reason for selling: It's a pretty dress! Too bad I'm leaving for Australia

Item 2237 : akanestar@hotmail.com

Description: (BRAND NEW).
Selling price: RM50 inc postage
Original price: RM65 inc postage
Reason for selling: Very nice and soft, unfortunately doesn't suit me well.
Contact number (optional): 016 955 9215

Item 2236 : deathberry85@gmail.com

Item: Waterfall Blazer
Description: Royal purple color. Shoulder pad been remove. Never worn before. Much more suitable for M-L size
Selling price: RM 40  include postage
Original price: RM 57.50  include postage
Bought from (URL): http://www.phatculture.com
Reason for selling:  Too big for me

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Item 2235 :joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Two-Way Cardigan
Description: Brand new (Unworn & Unwashed), tab button detail on roll sleeves, self-tied sash attached which can be tied front or back, made of comfy satin material, comes with a free scarf!
Selling price: RM25 including postage
Original price:RM50 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://un-masqued.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: Too many cardigans

Item 2233 : ooi1992@hotmail.com

Name of Item: H&M Inspired Vintage Top
Description : Fits UK6-UK10 , Brand New & Never Worn , Thick Silky Chiffon Material with inner lining , Length 62cm , Pit-toPit  41cm
Bought from [URL]: vibrantswirls.blogspot.com
Reason for reselling: a little big for me for im a uk4 . best fits UK6 and above
Purchased price:RM50
Selling price:Rm45
Contact method (sms/email):  0176747918

Item 2232 : erin.ahmad@gmail.com

Item: Thepoplook Jersey Tee Maxi
Description: Heather Grey colour, UK size 6-10, length 125cm
Selling price: 70
Original price:82
Bought from (URL): www.thepoplook.com
Reason for selling: Too short for me as I am quite tall. VERY good quality jersey material and good review on the net. never worn, just received today
Contact number (optional): 016-2225642

Item 2231 : csyyen123@gmail.com

Item:White Heels Boots (Size 38)
Descriptions:Looks chic and sexy!
Selling price:Rm45
Original price:Rm60
Bought from boutique(URL): www.taobao.com
Reason for selling: Too big for me.

Item 2230 : emperess_mia91@yahoo.com

Item: Zipped back chiffon top
Description: Good quality chiffon, uk4-8, colour is black
Selling price: rm45
Original price: rm53 
Bought from (URL):  
Reason for selling: Petite, too big for me :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Item 2229: blackmage4@hotmail.com

Item:  mng inspired cardi (red)
Description: mng inspired cardi
Selling price: rm55 with poslaju
Original price: rm45 with poslaju
Reason for selling: too many cardis
Contact number (optional): 012-6494863

Item 2228 : forever.maxi@yahoo.com

Description: Totally a BRAND NEW (never worn) Midi Skirt in black color, XL, comfy material, no need lining
Selling price: RM35 (free postage)
Original price: RM45
Bought from (URL): www.asos.com
Reason for selling: too big for me.

Item 2227 : nutsie_hanna@hotmail.com

Item: Chiffon top 
Description: babydoll chiffon blouse with crotchet neckline (good material)
Selling price: rm30 including postage
Original price: rm35 including postage
Bought from (URL): udc
Reason for selling: closet clearance

Item 2226 : Haelicious@gmail.com

Item: Purple Singlet
Description: wore once for trying purposes.
Selling price: Rm15 (inc postage)
Original price:Rm 22
Bought from : SAM
Reason for selling: impulsive buy + too long for me. 

Item 2224 : jamiejay87@gmail.com

Item: MNG inspired Darla Diagonal Dress
Description: Material(spandex & lycra) is slightly stretchable. HiddenSide Zipper.  Withexcellent condition, brand new & unworn
Selling price: RM60 with postage
Original price: RM 59 without postage
Bought from (URL):  www.cock-tails.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: bought this piece for a dinner, but i had gotten another similar one, decided to let go this one, nvr even worn..
Contact number (optional):  0164377614

Item 2223 : shererh25@yahoo.com

Item: Princess Rose Maxi (Maroon)
Description: Length (145cm), Bust(39-42cm), Waist (35cm)
Selling price: RM 85. For 24hrs payment free poslaju. (price can nego if interested)
Original price: RM 89 without postage
Bought from (URL): www.doublewoot.com
Reason for selling: Size too small. Cant fit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Item 2222 :lemonty@yahoo.com

Item: Venom Dress
Description: Black.
Fitting for UK8 to UK12
Bustline from 28" to 36"
Waistline from 28" to 38"
Length from 24" to 32"
Selling price: RM50 including registered post
Original price: RM55 including pos laju
Reason for selling: Too tight. :(

Item 2221 : Joey_ayh@hotmail.com

Item: Dulce chic dress
Description: Red chili dress , perfect for first date ;) 
Selling price: 40 with pos (nego)
Original price: 45 with pos
Bought from (URL): dulce chic
Reason for selling: Too long for me :( 
Contact number (optional): 017-6928287 (joey) 

Item 2220 :ice_queen77@hotmail.com

Item: Karen Millen lace applique lingerie dress in Champange‏
Description: uk8 /Brand new /champange/really good quality
Selling price: 200
Original price:230
Reason for selling: Ordered the wrong colour =( Really really wanted the one in black.
Contact number (optional): 0124716676

Item 2219 : lansih88@yahoo.com

Item: Black Hollow Cape
Description: Superb quality. Excellent condition.
Selling price: RM55 including postage
Original price: RM69 excluding postage
Bought from (URL): www.iwearsin.com
Reason for selling: wardrobe clearance
Contact number (optional): 0125983783

Item 2218 : carmen.chang97@gmail.com

Item:Polka Blazer 
Description:BRAND NEW!!!! Fits a uk 6-10, a nice fitting blazer and has cute polka dots on cuffs.  
Selling price: RM49(plus postage)
Original price:RM56(plus postage)
Reason for selling:My shoulders are too broad. My width is 40cm. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Item 2217 : princessxuli@gmail.com

Item: woven tribal print dress
Description: NEW, only wore for trying purposes. great material
Selling price: RM 32 without postage
Original price: Rm 38
Bought from (URL): un masqued
Reason for selling: Bust area too loose. 

Item 2215 : wyho88@hotmail.com

Item: Grey lace dress
Description: Never worn before, Fits UK6-8
Selling price: RM35
Original price: RM45
Bought from (URL): www.clothesforfun.blogspot.com 
Reason for selling: Too many lace dresses

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Item 2214 : jiashin2106@hotmail.com

Item: Tailored Jumpsuit
Description:  UK size 6 - 12, Brand New, Black
Selling price: RM35 with POSTAGE :)
Original price: RM60
Reason for selling: Impulsive purchase

Item 2213 : stcyvnstrtn@yahoo.com

Item:  Glittery Spaghetti dress 
Description:  a simple black sequined dress,brand new.
Selling price:  RM 55 (including postage)
Original price: RM67.90 + 8(postage)= RM 75.90
Bought from (URL):  http://www.littlemissq.com/goods.php?id=2815
Reason for selling:  makes me look fatter when im already fat.
Contact number (optional): 0168213382

Item 2211 : vkwong89@gmail.com

Item: Beige Bodycon Skirt
Description: Fits 4-8. Brand new. Zipper behind. thick material. Length 16 inches
Selling price: RM35
Original price: RM45
Bought from (URL): http://skinnyheels.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: I have another skirt in the same colour

Item 2210 : erin.ahmad@gmail.com

Item: October Origin Tank Maxi Dress
Description: Black Colour, racerback maxi
Selling price: 50
Original price:55
Bought from (URL): www.octoberorigin.com
Reason for selling: Too short for me as I bought the wrong size which is S size (135cm). I am quite tall and should get size M/L. very good quality and good review on the net. hundred pieces already sold. If u want to order from the blogshop will take 3-4 wks to arrive as it is pre-ordered.
Contact number (optional): 016-2225642

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Item 2209 : nuranith@yahoo.com

Item: Blazer

Description: Measurement : Shoulder 37cm, Sleeves 57cm, Length 62cm, Bust 84-98cm ; material : cottonSelling price: RM 49 inclusive pos laju
Original price: RM49Bought from (URL): http://cutekoreanstyle.net
Reason for selling: perhaps i have bigger arms that i couldn't fit in =(
Contact number (optional): 0195250163

Item 2208 : indecisive@live.com.my

Item: Black Toga
Description: Satin Material. Fits XS-S
Selling price: RM 20
Original price: RM 28 (including postage)
Reason for selling: I couldnt fit in it, more of an M size.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Item 2206 : dainesorr@yahoo.com

Item: elegant halter jumpsuit
Description: worn for trying purpose only. still new !
Selling price: rm45 (with postage)
Original price: rm52 (with postage)
Reason for selling: no occasion to wear :(
Contact number (optional): 010 4204359

Item 2205 : rainbowstrawberry1@gmail.com

Item: Lace Flower Printed Dress
Description: Spaghetti dress that fits any occasion, pair it with leggings, or a high waisted shorts/skirt and u'll look amazing.
Selling price: RM38 including postage
Original price: RM50 without postage
Bought from (URL): VibrantSwirls
Reason for selling: Too many spaghetti dresses

Item 2204 : pinkflamante@gmail.com

Item: Black flatforms 
Description: Worn once. Size 35
Selling price: RM 45 (including postage fees)
Original price: RM59 (including postage fees)
Bought from (URL): http://www.agapeboutique.com.my/   This was their SN660 model, but I think they took it down. 
Reason for selling: I thought size 35 would fit me but I'm more of a size 34. 
Contact number (optional): 012-3034650 (But PLEASE EMAIL ME FIRST)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Item 2203 : polkadotsnbows@hotmail.com

Item: Tapered Trousers in Sienna Brown
Description: A brand new lightweight polyster trousers which fits UK 6-8 perfectly. Comes with a woven dark-brown belt to complete the look. Fold the ends of the bottom or pair it with a bright-coloured top to accentuate your look.
Selling price: RM 68 (without postage fee)
Original price: RM 68
Bought from (URL): reverie-store.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: The colour didn't go well with my tanned skin tone.

Item 2202 :may_yeow258@hotmail.com

Item: inspired chloe LBD
Description: Measurement: FREE, Length: 76cm, Waist: 24-28", Bust: 32-36"
Selling price: RM70 including post
Original price: RM 75 including post
Bought from (URL): 

Item 2201 :angelenetang@live.com.my

Item name: Cut-out Shoulders Top (new)
Description: One piece layered top, soft breathable cotton, slouchy loose fitting sleeves that will give your outfit a laid back look. Great with a pair of leggings or jeans! 
Size: Marked as UK size 6. 
Colour: Navy Blue 
Selling price: RM65 (including postage) 
Original price: RM69 excluding postage 
Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size

Item 2200 : csyyen123@gmail.com

Item:Grey Heels Boots (Size 37)
Descriptions:A grey boots with fur. Very lovely n comfortable.
Selling price:Rm45
Original price:Rm60
Bought from boutique(URL): www.taobao.com
Reason for selling: Too big for me.

Item 2199 :cheesiewedges@gmail.com

Item: Long-sleeved striped top/dress
Description: Brand new!
Selling price: RM32
Original price: RM44
Reason for selling: Does not suit me

Item 2198 : blue_rain_sky@hotmail.com

Item: bodycon dress (brand new)
Description: satin in material, grey color, 80cm in length, fits uk2-small uk6. 
Selling price: rm39 (including post laju)
Original price: rm49 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL): room8008.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too many similar bodycon dresses.
Contact number (optional): 017-3626846

Item 2196 : azira1@msn.com

Item: pleated vintage skirt in pink
Description: New . never worn except for trying purposes. flowy skirt in pale pink
Selling price: rm30
Original price: rm30
Bought from (URL): http://wear-ables.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: Does not suit me well

Item 2195 : heyeijan@gmail.com

Item: Tunic Dress from Trendy Confessions
Description:  honestly speaking, i only wear this dress for trying purpose. still look like new.
Selling price: MYR50 (include postage)
Original price:MYR69 (without postage)
Reason for selling: too large for me and the color is not match with my skin tone.
Contact number (optional): 012-3633722