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Monday, February 27, 2012

Item 2615 : dian_dahlia15@yahoo.co

Item: Collar Shirt Jubah Dress-blue
Description:Blue / Polyester 
Shoulder / Sleeves / Bust / Waist / Hip / Length
42cm / 60cm / 96cm / 112cm / 102cm / 142cm
Selling price: rm60 include poslaju
Original price: rm85
Reason for selling: not suitable 4 me, really nice dress
Contact number (optional): plz sms me 4 quick grab 0146129713

Item 2614 : peihsien_15@hotmail.com

Item: Floral dress
Description: Cute korean dress with floral details on it. stretchable. email me for more details.
Selling price: RM40
Original price: RM50
Bought from (URL): lush serendipity if not mistaken
Reason for selling: too many of the same type of dresses

Item 2613 : cheap.prelove@rocketmail.com

Item: Latte brown tapered pants from Honey Pumpkin
Description: Good quality tapered pants suitable for casual day out/work/class. whats not to love ?
Selling price: RM45 (w/out postage)
Original price: RM 55 (without postage)
Reason for selling: Never have the chance to wear this. impulsive shopping. The tag is still intact
Contact number (optional): 0123334467

Item 2612 : siasuching@yahoo.com

Item: lace cheongsam
Description: 82cm,brand new,fit s&m size
Selling price: rm60 without postage
Original price:rm72 wif postage
Bought from (URL): blissfully beautiful
Reason for selling: no chance to wear
contact num:0148881102

Item 2611 : michellef_90@hotmail.com

Item: Two way Jersey Skater Dress
Description: *Topshop Inspired Flippy Skirt Craze!Scoop back and front. Can be worn, front as back and back as front. ;)
Selling price:  60 including postage
Original price: 62 without postage
Reason for selling: Impulse buy!
Contact number (optional):  014-6495363

Friday, February 24, 2012

Item 2610 : m_tmw@hotmail.com

Item: Korean Style Puffy Sleeve Blouse
Description: Brand new, Color: Champagne, Measurements: (Fits UK 8 - 12) Bust: 30" - 37", Waist: 26" - 30", Sleeve length: 52cm, Length: 61.5cm

Selling price: RM39
Original price: RM48
Bought from (URL): mango orangie
Reason for selling: Doesn't look good on me
Contact number (optional): 017-3552334

Item 2609 : noelle.py@gmail.com

Item: Vintage Pleated Scallop Top
Description: Fits S-M UK6-UK8 / *BRAND NEW* / Beige Color / Thick Soft Polyester Material with Hidden Side Zipper
Selling price: RM45 (including postage)
Original price: RM50
Bought from (URL): http://emmycubic.blogspot.com/ 
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase. Never worn before. 
Contact number (optional): 012 215 8199

Item 2608 : aihuaytan@yahoo.com

Item : Classic Blazer OL
Material: very good quality with lining
Size: M
Measurement: Sleeve Length 60cm; shoulder 36cm;bust 43cm;
Color: grey greenish
Condition: New (newer wear before)
Price: RM62 (without shipping fee)
COntact: aihuaytan@yahoo.com

Item 2607 : chronos_212@hotmail.com

Item: eve taylor purifying moisture lotion 50ml
Description: brand new (only used a small dollop for testing)
Selling price: RM75
Original price: RM100++
Bought from (URL): evetaylor.ie
Reason for selling: too hydrating for me

Item 2605 : huiyann@gmail.com

Item: lace sweetheart dress in white
Description: quality material, lined at the bottom, brand new never worn before except for trying purposes,  fits UK4-12
Selling price: RM59, 
Original price: RM102 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://lacepipe.tumblr.com/
Reason for selling: in need of money :(
Contact number (optional): 0126350730 

Item 2604 : miza3_gc@yahoo.com

Item: Rasha Fishtail (outerwear)
Description: Cala Signature Piece in Brown colour.
Size: Fit to L
Selling price: RM 50 (including postage)
Original price: RM 72 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL): http://www.calaqisya.com/
Reason for selling: To clear my wardrobe..
Contact number (optional): miza3_gc@yahoo.com / 017-2345746 (sms)

Item 2603 : joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Flare Drop Shoulder Blouse In Georgette
Description: Brand new with tags still attached. Romantic blouse with the exaggerated sleeve design/Featuring drop shoulder styling sleeve/keyhole back with button fastening/Fits UK4-10
Selling price: RM40 including postage
Original price:RM53.50 including postage
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Item 2602 : funkeeally@yahoo.com

Item: Colour block dress
Description:  Quality comfy cotton, stretchable material, braided shoulder strap, elastic at the waist, detachable braid belt as well. (picture from the blog)
Selling price: RM45
Original price: RM 58
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase. Never worn at all. Brand new.

Item 2601 : siewwui86@yahoo.com

Item: Sherlynlicious signature romper
Description: Brand new, Fits UK6-10, Gorgeous colour, Good quality satin
Selling price: RM45 including postage (Price negotiable)
Original price: RM55 including postage
Reason for selling: It is loose for me. I'm UK4

Item 2599 : chong_yuki@yahoo.com

Name of Item: The Marisol Basic Blazer (Mustard)
Description : Free Size (Best Fit XS-M) - Brand New
Bought from [URL]: www.blueyjoyce.blogspot.com
Reason for reselling: Too many blazers
Purchased price: RM43 without postage
Selling price: RM40 with postage
Contact method (sms/email): chong_yuki@yahoo.com

Item 2598 : sassymatic7@gmail.com I

Item: Coffee Lace Dress
Description: Pretty lace dress that I've worn slightly once.
Selling price: RM40 (with postage)
Original price: RM52
Bought from (URL): http://www.lemodemaison.com/
Reason for selling: Its too big for me

Item 2597 : ika.yahiya@hotmail.com

Description: Size 36, Vincci 5, Height : 5inch, Black in colour, Worn ONCE, STILL in a VERY GOOD CONDITION
Selling price:  RM60 (with postage) negotiable
Original price: rm150 
Bought from (URL): http://yuniqueparadise.com
Reason for selling: bought the wrong size, Im a size 4 
Contact number (optional):  0198321551, pls sms, I dont pick up random number

Item 2596 : jjune_yeoh@hotmail.com

Item: Green Maxi skirt
Description: Made of cotton knit fabric, Fully elastic band waistline, Fits uk4-uk10, Length: 39.5 inches
Selling price: RM50 (inc postage/COD)
Original price: RM59
Reason for selling: Bought another of similar colour.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Item 2595 : cheap.prelove@rocketmail.com

Item: Maxi Chiffon Skirt in PURPLE
Description: Maxi chiffon skirt in purple, very good condition. Fits S-L. 
Selling price: RM60+
Original price: RM 40
Bought from (URL): http://prettylittlefreaks.com
Reason for selling: No chance to wear, impulsive purchase
Contact number (optional): 0123334467

Item 2594 : heavenly_mezza07@yahoo.com

Description: brand new, just received and its free size.. At the height of 158cm, this one really flatters the body and the length is just right
Bought from (URL): wonderwearshop.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too long for me..
Contact number (optional): 0176978771

Item 2593 : purplebutterfly2301@gmail.com

Item: Sequin top
Description: chiffon top with sequin stripes, and its never worn, in good condition
Selling price: RM50 (price negiotable)
Original price: RM55
Bought from (URL): udcloset.tumblr.com/
Reason for selling: impulse purchase
Contact number (optional): purplebutterfly2301@gmail.com

Item 2592: ayeshalee04@hotmail.com

Item: Nude mesh dress 
Description: Sequin mesh dress with satin ribbon, really good quality! size 10UK ( brand new with tags )
Selling price: RM220
Original price: RM290
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2591 : butterfly.kises112@gmail.com

Item: Peplum Lace Dress
Description: Peplum dress with polyster lace
Selling price: rm50 with free postage
Original price: rm50 without postage
Bought from (URL): Attireattic.blogspot
Reason for selling: Not my size. Too loose for me

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Item 2590 : skonblogshop@gmail.com

Item: Aztec Tilly Blouse
Description: Green colored, silky polyester material. 
Selling price: RM 50 including pos laju
Original price: RM 56 including pos laju
Reason for selling: Not the color i wanted

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Item 2589 : funkeeally@yahoo.com

Item: Soft Cardigan
Description: Electric blue in colour,extra length, soft material, worn once. (see pictures, courtesy from oldblossombox)
Selling price: rm35
Original price: rm69
Bought from (URL): www.oldblossombox.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: impulse purchase.

Item 2588 : crashmywardrobe@gmail.com

Item: Scoopy Doo (Fushia Berry)
Description: Brand New and 100% heavyweight thick lycra cotton (comfy to the core and very stretchable) 
Selling price: RM60 (including postage)
Original price: RM65
Reason for selling: Too Loose

Item 2587 : huiyann@gmail.com

Item: watercolours keyhole midi dress
Description: brand new, never worn before except for trying purposes. fits uk 4-12.
PTP: 21"
Waist: 11" – 20"
Length: 40
Selling price: Rm 55
Original price: RM 90 including postage
Reason for selling: doesn't look good on me. :(
Contact number (optional): 0126350730

Item 2585 : katherine_999@hotmail.com

Item: ZARA's hot pink blazer
Description: BRAND NEW! never worn before! excellent quality. no doubts a MUST HAVE! SizeArmpit(16.5), Hem(19.5), Waist(15), Sleeves(23),Length(26)
Selling price: RM89
Original price: RM120
Reason for selling: doest really suit me.

Item 2583 : angelentang@live.com.my

Item: Contour dress with loose top 
Description: Brand NEW. Good quality stretchy cotton skirt and light linen floral top, slight V-neck plunge, ruffled sleeves, pleat on floral top and body contour skirt. Colour please refer to the picture of 'back' 
Selling price: RM 25 with postage  
Original price: RM 39 without postage 
Reason for selling: Closet clearance

Item 2582 : justanaddiction@gmail.com

Item: ASOS inspired skater dress in Black
Description: UKsize 10 BLACK
Selling price: RM60
Original price: RM69
Bought from (URL): http://www.octoberorigin.com/
Reason for selling: have similar dress

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Item 2581 : joyliann@hotmail.com

Item: Havana Inspired Top
Description: Midnight Blue top with unique shoulder pleating/Material-Chiffon with inner lycra blend
Selling price: RM15 including postage
Original price:RM42 including postage
Reason for selling: Wardrobe clearance

Item 2579 : naoomiyap@gmail.com

Item: High Waisted Jeans
Description: High Waisted Jeans, Light faded blue, Size L (Waist 72cm, Length 98cm)
Selling price: RM40
Original price: RM65
Reason for selling: Bought the wrong size
Contact number (optional): 0129809802

Item 2578 : jiashin2106@hotmail.com

Item: Double Sens Tote
Description: High Quality PU. Brand New!
Selling price: RM35 with postage 
Original price: RM 55 without postage
Reason for selling: Too many bags

Item 2577: ng.joanne28@gmail.com

Item:  Glitter Paisley Cheongsam
Description:  White base with silver glitter motif cheongsam
Selling price:  RM55 with postage (negotiable)
Original price:  RM68 without postage
Bought from (URL):  Vanity Dreams
Reason for selling:  Too many cheongsams, bought 3.

Item 2576: sassymatic7@gmail.com

Item: Coffee Lace Dress
Description: Pretty lace dress that I've worn slightly once.
Selling price: RM39 (without postage)
Original price: RM52
Bought from (URL): http://www.lemodemaison.com/
Reason for selling: Its too big for me

Friday, February 10, 2012

Item 2574 : nataliechai92@hotmail.com

Item: Forest printed spaghetti strap
Description: BRAND NEW, never worn, lovely prints, fits size S and M, adjustable straps. perfect condition
Selling Price : RM 15 (post included) *steal*
Original Price : RM35 
Bought from (URL) : http://tictactoe28.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: this is a really pretty top but i have too many, no chance to wear :C and i really need to clear my wardrobe , so willing to sell at low price. super worth it
Contact Number: 016 8537762

Item 2573 : mylittlepandora@hotmail.com

Item: Ruffles maxi
Description: Brand new, superb quality
Selling price: RM 54 including postage
Original price: RM 45 INC. postage
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2572 : cheesiewedges@gmail.com

Item: Presley jumpsuit in WHITE
Description: Brand new!
Selling price: RM50
Original price: RM57
Bought from (URL): www.phatculture.com
Reason for selling: Impulse buy

Item 2571 : mzrreyna@yahoo.com.sg

Item: ASOS Pullover - Horse print
Description: Yellow, Knitwear.
Selling price: RM 55 with poslaju 
Original price: RM 53 w/out poslaju
Bought from (URL): pickandstyle.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2570 : enatasha07@hotmail.com

Item: Asos Inspired Ville Dress 
Description: Brand new dress straight from the blog shop, never worn. Perfect for that job interview, client meeting or presentation. I'm selling the one in Beige. Length: 88cm, Bust: 39-40cm, Waist: 35.5cm, Hips: 46cm
Selling price: RM60 (including postage)
Original price: RM70 (including postage)
Bought from (URL): www.double-woot.com
Reason for selling: Haven't worn it since I bought it, so clearing my wardrobe. 
Contact number (optional): 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Item 2569 : shopaholic.gone.gaga@gmail.com

Item: Sleeveless midi dress (Royal blue)
Description: Brand new. Never worn.
Selling price: RM 29 including postage
Original price: RM35 including postage
Reason for selling: Too many dresses :S

Item 2568 : charmaineteng@gmail.com

Item: Pleated layered dress
Description:Brand new item with white sash
Selling price: RM30 including postage
Original price: RM65 excluding postage
Bought from (URL): whitelabelcloset.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Clearing wardrobe

Item 2567 : mandagoh13@hotmail.com

Item:  White Skinny Jeans in S
Description: One of Beetch's best selling jeans with 1027 pieces sold! Brand new. Not worn.
Selling price:  RM46 with Pos Laju 
Original price: RM 46 with postage
Bought from (URL):  http://beetchbeetch.blogspot.com/2010/03/batch-7-best-selling-skinny-jeans-with.html
Reason for selling: Just got it today, sadly its too tight for me. 

Item 2565: emmifarini@yahoo.com

Item: cotton shawl 
Description: pink and dark blue....still new! (worth buy)
Selling price: RM20 including postage
Original price:RM25 
Bought from (URL): radiusite
Reason for selling: too many shawls