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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Item 4048: leeann7777@yahoo.com.my

Email: leeann7777@yahoo.com.my
Item: Ruffle Trouble (Army Green)
Description: Brand new. Zara inspired. 100% thick crepe chiffon. Fits UK4-10.
Selling Price: RM23 including postage
Original Price: RM61 including postage
Bought from (URL): www.honeypumpkin.com
Reason for selling: Change of mind

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Item 4047: teddybearisshopaholic@gmail.com

E-mail: teddybearisshopaholic@gmail.com
Item: Doublewoot Dazre Dress in Beige
Description: Material : Lined lace; not stretchable. Details : Scoop neckline, structured mode cut, fully lined and back zip. SIZE S: Length:87cm, Bust:38cm, Waist: 32.5cm, Hips:42cm, Armhole : 19cm, Shoulder: 33cm, Sleeve: 44cm.
Selling price: RM69 including postage
Original price: RM82
Bought from (URL): www.double-woot.com
Reason for selling: size is too small for me.
Contact number (optional):

Item 4046: lkfong@msn.com

E-mail: lkfong@msn.com
Item: Red Asymmetrical Button Chiffon Blouse.
Description: Free Size. New without tag.
Selling price: RM30 (inclusive of postage)
Original price: RM65.00
Bought from (URL): http://thegardenof-fash-blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: Do not know how to style it.
Contact number (optional): 0123173361

Item 4045: sammietofu@gmail.com

E-mail: sammietofu@gmail.com
Item: New Look Wide Fit Tip Monochrome Mid Heeled Sandals
Description: Brand new. Fits UK7 or size 40. Heel height: 3.5"
Selling price: RM110 with postage
Original price: £19.99
Bought from (URL): www.asos.com
Reason for selling: Slightly too big for me

Friday, May 15, 2015

Item 4049: leeann7777@yahoo.com.my

Email: leeann7777@yahoo.com.my
Item: Dxianna by Doublewoot (Selling the one in Burgundy)
Description: Worn once. Featuring top-notched lined chiffon, collared neckline, pleated flared cut with detachable sash. Tagged size L (Length: 90cm, Bust: 49-50cm, Waist: 45-46cm, Arm hole: 23cm)
Selling Price: RM40 including postage
Original Price: RM75 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://double-woot.com/dxianna-by-doublewoot-beige-2
Reason for selling: Wardrobe clearance

Item 4044: elynlee_1st@hotmail.com

E-mail: elynlee_1st@hotmail.com
Item: Panel shorts - High Waisted
Description: Size M (UK 6 - 8), Brand New with Tags
Selling price: RM26 including postage
Original price: RM21
Bought from (URL): www.lazada.com
Reason for selling: Wrong fit

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Item 4043: elynlee_1st@hotmail.com

E-mail: elynlee_1st@hotmail.com
Item: Sleeveless Jumpsuit with Caged Back
Description: Size S (UK 8), Brand New with Tags
Selling price: RM26 including postage
Original price: RM21
Bought from (URL): www.lazada.com
Reason for selling: Wrong size for me

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Item 4042: lkfong@msn.com

E-mail: lkfong@msn.com
Item: Zara Inspired Black V-neck Dress
Description: Size M
Selling price: RM 50 (inclusive of postage)
Original price: RM130.00
Bought from (URL): www.femme-elegante.com
Reason for selling: Gained weight :(
Contact number (optional): 0123173361

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Item 4041: lkfong@gmail.com

E-mail: lkfong@gmail.com
Item: Zara Inspired Floral Quilted Jacket
Description: Size M. Worn it once. Like new.
Selling price: RM35.00 (inclusive of postage)
Original price: RM78.00
Bought from (URL): http://femme-elegante.com/
Reason for selling: Gained weight :(
Contact number (optional): 60123173361

Monday, May 11, 2015

Item 4040: frolic_pjann@yahoo.com

E-mail: frolic_pjann@yahoo.com
Item: Double woot coral lace dress
Selling price: RM69
Original price: RM84
Bought from (URL): http://double-woot.com/dallit-coral
Reason for selling: Don't like the color, does not fit my complexion
Contact number (optional):

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Item 4038: pikchee.yee@gmail.com

E-mail: pikchee.yee@gmail.com
Item: Candy Colour Ruffle Sleeveless Top from Sally Fashion
Description: BRAND NEW WITH TAG, Pink and Green Colour, Size M [ Shirt Length: 65CM, Bust: 88CM, Shoulder: 34CM]
Selling price: RM30 for 2 pieces (Pink and Green Colour) including postage
Original price: RM51 for 2 pieces including postage
Bought from (URL): http://sallyfashion.com.my/goods.php?id=32975
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase

Item 4037: pikchee.yee@gmail.com

E-mail: pikchee.yee@gmail.com
Item: Darson Skater from Doublewoot
Description: Brand new, Purple Colour, Size L [ Length:94cm, Bust:43-45cm, Waist: 36-39cm,Hips : flare ]
Selling price: RM 4 including postage
Original price: RM70 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://double-woot.com/
Reason for selling: Too loose

Item 4036: missfuchsia.mist@gmail.com

E-mail: missfuchsia.mist@gmail.com
Item: ASOS Wrap Dress With Embellished Shoulder
Description: Brand New Unworn Dress with Tag
Selling price: RM 55
Original price: RM 74
Bought from (URL): http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Wrap-Dress-With-Embellished-Shoulder/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2753954
Reason for selling: Size did not fit
Contact number (optional): 012-2676104 (whatsapp)

Item 4035: nicolejpy@gmail.com

Description : Nautical Stripped Espadrilles Wedges Size 39, Brand New, Blue and White Stripes Canvas Texture with Espadrilles Wedges, 4.5 inch heel with 1.5 inch platform
Bought from [URL]: Zalora.com.my (no longer in stock, a similar version here http://www.zalora.com.my/Canvas-Espadrille-Wedges-246194.html)
Reason for reselling: Never worn, size too big and I didn't manage to return it on time to Zalora
Purchased price: RM 85
Selling price: RM40 (postage included)
Contact method (sms/email): 017-3052491 (whatsapp), nicolejpy@gmail.com

Item 4034: pikchee.yee@gmail.com

E-mail: pikchee.yee@gmail.com
Item: Dorchante from Doublewoot
Description: Wore ONCE only, Black Colour, Size S [ Length:92cm, Bust:39-41cm, Waist: 33-35cm,Hips : flare ], with perfectly crafted embroideries
Selling price: RM55 including postage
Original price: RM79 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://double-woot.com/
Reason for selling: Incorrect size