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Friday, September 30, 2011

Item 2160 : pinchofsugar@gmail.com

Item:  Red structured blazer
Description: Sharp shouldered blazer, thick material
Selling price: 60 with postage
Original price: 70 with postage
Bought from (URL): http://honey-pumpkin.blogspot.com/2011/05/structured-gala-new-color.html
Reason for selling: I have two blazers of the same color
Contact number: 0173118007

Item 2159 : hmin0128@yahoo.com

Item: Scallop Skirt
Description: Brand new.Never Worn.Suitable for UK4-6
Selling price: RM30 with postage
Original price: RM35 without postage
Reason for selling: Impulsive purchase

Item 2158 : meilin_soong@hotmail.com

Item: Forever 21 neon dress
Description: brand new. size s
Selling price: RM35
Original price: RM55
Bought from (URL): forever21.com
Reason for selling: too many dresses
Contact number (optional): 012-3070623

Item 2157 : ching171285@yahoo.com

Item: Sweet Stripes
Description:  free size: uk6-Small UK10 or to be safe UK 8
Selling price: Rm45 with postage
Original price: RM49
Reason for selling: is very sweet sadly too tight for me 

Item 2156 : siucidodol@yahoo.com

Description: worn twice
Selling price: RM 100 NEGO
Original price:RM 179
Bought from (URL): www.topshop.uk
Reason for selling: to small for me :(
Contact number (optional): 0173171179

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Item 2154 : zerline_91@yahoo.co.uk

Item: Purple dress
Description: Brand new and NEVER been worn. except for trying on when i received the parcel.
Selling price: RM50
Original price: RM58
Reason for selling: too revealing for me. but really an awesome and superb dress!!

Item 2152 :giselle_ling@hotmail.com

Item: panel skirt
Description: mustard panel skirt
Selling price: RM 40
Original price: RM 50
Bought from (URL): classic lovers
Reason for selling: bought the wrong colour

Item 2151 : ngpauline70@gmail.com

Item: Chiffon Striped Top from ClothesForFun
Description: Brand new, just received in the mail last week. With orange stripes.
Selling price: RM25
Original price: RM38 + RM8
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: Too small for me

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Item 2149 : limyafeng@hotmail.com

Item: Supre Strapless Maxi - Turquoise and Lilac (Please contact me for size guide)
Description: Brand New
Selling price: RM50 inclusive postage (each)
Original price: AUD45 each
Bought from (URL): www.supre.com.au
Reason for selling: Too Many Maxi

Item 2148 : minimore888@hotmail.com

Item: Contrast Collar Shelves top
Description: Brand New.  Fit uk4-6
Selling price: RM54 including postage
Original price: RM54 not including postage
Bought from: http://reverie-store.blogspot.com/2011/08/contrast-collar-shelves-top.html
Reason for selling: small for me

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Item 2146 : aleena.dyn@gmail.com

Item: Avant Garde Teal Blazer (Brand New)
Material: Smooth Cotton
Colours: Teal (also looks like sea green)
Selling price: RM50 not including postage
Original price:RM55 not including postage
Bought from (URL):http://dr-pizzicato.blogspot.com/2011/07/avant-garde-teal-blazer.html
Reason for selling: Need cash
Contact number (optional): 017 2904370
Email: sweetcalifornias@gmail.com

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Item 2144 : aihuaytan@yahoo.com

Item: Purple silky Top
Description: fits uk4-uk12
Selling price: RM40
Original price: Rm45
Bought from (URL): simpledressing 
Reason for selling: It is brand new. Wear once just want to try. It can't fit me .

Item 2143 : aster_sms@Yahoo.com

Item: Raspberry Dress
Description: Cotton dress. Brand new in packaging. Length 80cm. Best fits UK 4-small 10.
Selling price: RM 39 (without postage)
Original price: RM 49 (without postage)
Bought from (URL): Blissfully Beautiful
Reason for selling: Wardrobe Clearance

Item 2142 : tzinjune@gmail.com

Item: Black handbag
Selling price: RM 20
Original price: RM 31
Bought from (URL): agape boutique
Reason for selling: Not really using it

Item 2141 : keurshin@gmail.com

Item: stripey mini pink
Description: Never worn before,brand new.
Selling price: RM30
Original price:RM35.90
Reason for selling:  Impulse buying
Contact number (optional):  0168250924

Item 2139 : joey_jm@hotmail.com

Item: Asymmetrical Cream Top
Description: Brand New
Selling price: RM45 with Pos Laju
Original price: RM45 without postage
Reason for selling: Doesn't fit me

Item 2137 : i.am.a.shopaholica@gmail.com

Description: Brand new top
Selling price: RM45 including Pos Laju
Original price: RM30 including Pos Laju
Bought from (URL): www.aldabelladiva.com
Reason for selling: Too loose for me

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Item 2134 : zerline_91@yahoo.co.uk

item: sexy leopard print dress
description: worn for approximately 3 hours for a movie date
selling price: RM 50 with postage
original price: RM60 with postage
bought from: www.cock-tails.blogspot.com
reason for selling: too many dresses and i dont usually wear the same dress more than once or twice

Item 2129 : farahardlina@hotmail.com

Description: BRAND NEW EXCELLENT QUALITY! Tagged XS but fits sizes 8-10 perfectly!
Selling price: RM50 including postage
Original price: RM89 excluding postage
Bought from (URL): http://www.supre.com.au
Reason for selling: no time to wear (bought another from Zara!)
Contact number (optional): 0142312267 (NO REFUNDS)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Item 2130 : blue_rain_sky@hotmail.com

Item: vivi dress (brand new)
Description: cotton material, fits uk6-uk10, lenght about 81cm, in pink color. 
Selling price: rm40 (include post laju)
Original price:rm49 (exclude postage)
Bought from (URL): http://room8008.blogspot.com/2011/08/vivi-dress.html
Reason for selling: it's really a lovely piece but not my style =(
Contact number (optional): 017-3626846

Item 2131 : Zoe_angel1802@hotmail.com

Item: Nude pink fringe wedges
Description: Nude pink wedges with fringe details, super duper comfortable! And in perfect condition :)
Selling price: RM 55
Original price: RM 63
Reason for selling: Size does not fit well :(
Contact number (optional): 0166789386, COD can be arranged

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Item 2127 : blue_rain_sky@hotmail.com

Item: ribbon dress (brand new)
Description: cotton in material, black color, 78cm in length, fits uk4-8.  
Selling price: rm 39 (including post laju)
Original price: rm49 (excluding postage)
Bought from (URL): room8008.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: too sexy for me. 
Contact number (optional): 017-3626846

Item 2125 : fuzzleen@gmail.com

Item: Irina Jubah by Modish House
Description:Brand new
Material: chiffon full lining
Selling price:RM130 with poslaju
Original price:RM155 with poslaju
Bought from: www.modishmodehouse.com
Reason for selling: I can't fit into S

Itemm 2124 : chellemichew@gmail.com

Item name: Navy Cropped Jacket
Material: Cotton
Colour: Black and White
Size/Measurement: Fits UK4-8
Status: Brand new!
Selling price: RM14
Buying price: RM15
Reason for selling: Unfortunately, it doesn't fit me :/

Friday, September 9, 2011

Item 2123 : hitandshop@gmail.com

Item: Denim Cover-up (Made in Korea)
Description: Brand new without tags. NEVER WORN, only for trying purposes.
Selling price: RM30 inclusive postage
Original price: RM55
Bought from (URL): Like Igloo
Reason for selling: Impulsive Purchase

Item 2122 : abbyccy@gmail.com

Item: Ivonne
Description: Brand new, never worn, great condition
Selling price: RM95 with postage (poslaju)
Original price: RM99 without postage
Reason for selling: Planned occasion canceled

Item 2121 : gorgeoustakesthecity@gmail.com

Item: Border Crop Top Layered Dress WhiteDescription: brand new, good quality, never wear b4
Selling price: rm35 incl postage
Original price: rm45 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): blaqmagik
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 2119 : dainesorr@yahoo.com

Item: kimono purple maxi dress
Description: worn for few times, still in good condition.
Selling price: rm30
Original price: rm50
Bought from (URL): mudah.my
Reason for selling: wardrobe clearance

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Item 2118 : leecynth@hotmail.com

Item: LUXE Asymetrical Dress
Description: Reddish Orange (Fits UK6-10)
Selling price: RM50 with postage
Original price: RM55 with postage

Bought from : http:/clothesbucket.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Too short for me at 165cm

Item 2117 : ainoor.amirah@gmail.com

Item: Chiffon Leopard Print Shirt
Description: Used but in a very excellent cond!
Selling price: RM35
Original price: RM59
Bought from (URL): gossipsboutique.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: cleaning my closet

Item 2116 : ika_cutegurl310189@yahoo.com.my

Item: peach polkadot dress 
Description: soft cotton , stretchable and never worn 
Selling price: RM 40 include poslaju
Original price: RM 45
Reason for selling: clear wardrobe
Contact number (optional): 0177194278-iqah (SMS me for faster booking)

Item 2115 : 07016991@imail.sunway.edu.my

Item: Grey cardigan
Description: Brand new, Comfortable, No pockets, Size can fit S & M, sleeves can be folded & buttoned (Refer attached pic)
Selling price: RM 25
Original price: RM 35
Bought from (URL): Little Miss Hearts
Reason for selling: sleeves are slightly shorter for me. I have very long arms

Item 2114 : i.am.a.shopaholica@gmail.com

Item:  Stylish White Top
Description: Brand new
Selling price: RM45 including Pos Laju
Original price: RM30 including Pos Laju
Bought from (URL): www.aldabelladiva.com
Reason for selling: Too loose for me

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Item 2113 : suichengyan@gmail.com

Item: jersey speg playsuit
Description: brand new, worn once ( mine one is black colour)
Selling price: rm40incl postage
Original price: rm55 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): gossip
Reason for selling: i have the another similar jumsuit 

Item 2112 : farahardlina@hotmail.com

Description:  BRAND NEW
Size UK10 (fits sizes S-M)
Selling price: RM70 including postage (what a steal!!) (price negotiable)
Original price: USD$ 76! excluding postage!!
Bought from (URL): http://www.topshop.com
Reason for selling: too loose on me :(( plus I honestly have so many clothes
Contact number (optional): 0142312267 (NO REFUNDS)

Item 2111 : random.sarah24@gmail.com

Item: One Piece Floral Bodycon Dress
Description: I have put on weight. 
Selling price: RM 40 
Original price: RM 60
Bought from: Can't remember which blogshop.
Reason for selling: Need money for uni as classes are commencing next week. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Item 2110 : zoeleier@hotmail.my

Item: Cropped Basic Flare Top
Description: Scoop neckline and lightly flared at the bottom. Black color. Never worn. BRAND NEW!
Selling price:RM23
Original price: Forgotten
Bought from (URL): http://anoldflame.net
Reason for selling: Trying to get rid of sleeveless tops
Contact number (optional): 0164085166

Item 2109 : prishoe@yahoo.com

Item : Military inspired dinner dress
Desciption : Good lycra ,fit S-M
Selling : RM35 (inclusive of postage)
original : dunt remember
bought from :blissfully beautiful
reason for selling : doesnt fit
contact 0123828220

Item 2108 : icelee88@yahoo.com

Item: Pleated sleeveless top (cream)
Description: Brand new, fits UK6 - 10 best
Selling price: RM42, free postage for fast transactions
Original price: RM46
Bought from (URL): www.angel-glory.com
Reason for selling: Does not suit me

Item 2107 : gorgeoustakesthecity@gmail.com

Item: red envelop clutch
Description: brand new, good quality
Selling price: rm40 incl postage
Original price: rm45 nt incl postage
Bought from (URL): unmasqued
Reason for selling: i have another one 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Item 2106 : zerline_91@yahoo.co.uk

Item: white diva dress
Description: A dress that i really like BUT didnt get to wear it to any occasion and decided to sell it
Selling price: RM 60
Original price: RM 69
Reason for selling: need money to buy something that i need right now
Picture: taken from Vamp but i bought it from Queenlamoss. for some reason, the photo from QLM couldnt be attached here. click onto the link above for the photo of my dress. mine is the WHITE one