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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Item 1824 : violet_world_joy@hotmail.com

Item: flower-patterned dress
Description: wore once..
Selling price: RM20
Original price: RM25
Bought from (URL): taobao.com
Reason for selling: wardrobe clearance

Item 1287 : elean6919@gmail.com

Item:  Topshop inspired Black Panel Skirt
Description: Made from quality,top notch spandex material, Brand new, Size M
Selling price:  RM40 including postage
Original price: RM50 including postage
Bought from (URL): http://un-masqued.blogspot.com
Reason for selling:  Wardrobe clearance
Contact number (optional): 019-8226919

Item 1286 : arinah.albakri@gmail.com

Item: Butterfly Crop Top - Taupe
Description: Comfy cotton with beautiful butterfly design in front - crocheted and sequined
Selling price: RM45 inclusive postage (negotiable)
Original price: RM49 inclusive postage
Reason for selling: It doesn't suit me. Brand new! Never worn.
Contact number (optional): 012-2216931

Item 1285 : far_ina@ymail.com

Item : Chiffon Drape blazer
Description : New, Never worn (except for trying), Never wash
Selling Price : RM 50 with postage (pos express)
Original Price : RM57 
Bought from : Beetch
Reason for Selling : Got a new one in black colour

Item 1284 : deja262105@gmail.com

Item:  black blouse with pink vest
Description: never used expect trying once.
Selling price:  RM10 + postage
Original price: can't recall....if i'm not wrong is RM13.
Bought from (URL): bundlesweet.blogspot.com
Reason for selling:  too big for me becausei'm 'S' size.
Contact number (optional): 019-7843206 (sms)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Item 1823 : leehannah456@gmail.com

Item : Topshop Inspired Scallop Top
Colour : Black
Status : Brand new, only worn for trying purposes
Selling price : RM32 FREE POSTAGE
Bought from : not naked closet.

Item 1822 : champagne4celebration@yahoo.com

Item: Forever 21 Heritage Acidwash Jeans
Description: Never worn by me. Tagged 25.
Selling price: RM40 (including postage)
Original price:RM44 (including postage)
Reason for selling: i don't like the color.

Item 1820 : katherine_999@hotmail.com

Item: Angel wing - No plain Jane ( red )
Description: Brand new! NEVER worn before except for trying purpose. Very Good quality!
Selling price: RM60 ( including postage )
Original price: RM69
Bought from (URL): http://www.styleinflux.com/
Reason for selling: Doesn't suit me.

Item 1819 : turquoise89@live.com

Item: Vintage Top
Description: Fits size XS-M, stretchable at waist, material:cotton, white. (New, never worn)
Selling price: Rm28 without postage
Original price: Rm40 without postage
Reason for selling: Not my kind of style

Item 1818 : nicoleyongwp@gmail.com

Item: dusky pink polka dot dress
Description: Free Size. Nice cutting.
Selling price: RM45 with pos express
Original price: RM49
Bought from (URL): Room 8008  http://room8008.blogspot.com/2011/06/hong-kong-import-material-cotton-free.html 
Reason for selling: Too short. recommended for petites
Contact number (optional):0166275652

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Item 1817 : maychiam129@gmail.com

Item: Yoonie Bohemia Top
Description: Flouncy, flowy, boho-inspired top in a peachy-cream colour.  Brand-spanking-new, I promise!    
Selling price: RM30
Original price: RM38
Bought from (URL): http://www.hearts-fashion.net/
Reason for selling: Really doesn't suit me, but I have high hopes that another girl will do it justice :D 

Item 1816 : queen.babe@live.com.my

Item: Striped Lacey dress.
Description: 100% BRAND NEW.
Selling price: RM30 free postage fee
Original price: RM39 excluded postage fee
Bought from (URL): SD
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase.
Contact number (optional): 0164954913

Item 1815 : arabelluff@yahoo.com

Item: Sugarscarf Aliaa Inners
Description: selling colors of Hot Pink, Black, Dusty pink, Turquoise and Peach. A lot, yeah i noe "__" this is brand new and never worn before.
Selling price: RM10 each excluding postage
Original price: RM 18 each
Reason for selling: Bought this out of temptation, ended up not wearing it. I have a lot of inner hijabs. Wardrobe clearance.

Item 1814 : jen_clement89@hotmail.com

Item: Aphrodite Maxi Dress- Blue
Description: Grecian style maxi. 
Measurements when laid flat (please double where appropriate for full circumference) : 
Length: 133cm  
Bust: 60cm (max)
Waist: 80cm (max)
Hips: 90cm    
Fits UK size: 6 - 14
Selling price: RM89 with postage
Original price: RM 89
Reason for selling: Lovely dress, but unfortunately a tad bit short for me as I am quite tall. Just got this dress today. Still in original package from seller. 
Contact number (optional): 017-6869110 (sms only)

Item 1813 : turquoise89@live.com

Item: Colourful Sakura Top
Description: Purple, Fits XS- M, Worn once(just like new), Made from quality cotton
Selling price: 34 with postage
Original price: Rm 46 without postage
Reason for selling: Not my kind of style

Item 1811 : wngshiyong@hotmail.com

Item: Working shirt in teal colour
Description: Brand new
Selling price: 40
Original price: 45
Bought from (URL): http://room8008.blogspot.com/2011/06/material-polyester-free-size-uk6-uk10.html
Reason for selling: too loose for me
Contact number (optional): 012-3253823

Item 1810 : sockss@hotmail.com

Item: blue chiffon top
Description: brand new, just received today
Original price: RM40 inclusive postage
Selling price: RM30 inclusive postage
Bought from (URL): http://sweet-grocery.blogspot.com/
Reason for selling: doesnt suit me

Monday, June 27, 2011

Item 1808 : thebajubaju@yahoo.com

Item: Victoria's Secret Babydoll
Description: Brand new with tags. Never worn
Selling price: RM144 
Original price: RM 150
Bought from (URL): ebay
Reason for selling: Need cash asap.
Contact number (optional): 0133184468 (can nego)

Item 1807 : da_chips@yahoo.com

Item: black v neck loose top
Description: brand new. with tag. worn only for trying purpose.
Length – 77cm, Bust – 92cm, Shoulder to Sleeve – 46cm, Hem – 100cm
Selling price: rm40 (including postage)
Original price: rm42
Reason for selling: it doesn't fit my body well

Item 1806 : koanne31@hotmail.com

Item: Peplum dress in soft pink
Description: new and veer worn
Selling price: RM 35
Original price: RM 45
Bought from (URL): strut this way
Reason for selling: impulse purchase

Item 1805 : winterwhiterose@hotmail.my

Item: Corset
Description: worn only once to try it on. Still brand new. In Black colour.
Selling price: RM28 with postage
Original price: RM39 with postage
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: Clearing closet

Item 1804 : violet_world_joy@hotmail.com

Item: polka dot halter with laces
Description:  stretchable, wore once
Selling price: RM25
Original price: RM30
Bought from (URL): ebay
Reason for selling: impulse purchase and doesnt fit anymore :(

Item 1803 : nicoleyongwp@gmail.com

Item: Mustard Yellow Topshop Inspired Panel Skirt
Description: Size S
Selling price: RM35 with pos express
Original price: RM40
Bought from (URL):  http://un-masqued.blogspot.com/2011/06/80-panel-skirt.html (from Chic Pop @ Jaya One)
Reason for selling: Too tight at butt area
Contact number (optional): 0166275652

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Item 1802 : mine.yours.sf@gmail.com

Item: Dual tone Blazer 
Description: Brand new with tag! 
Selling price: 80 including postage
Original price: 89 
Bought from (URL): www.room8008.blogspot.com
Reason for selling: Bought another similar one 
Contact number (optional): 

Item 1801 : unadlkl@gmail.com

Item: Mustard Chiffon Skirt
Description: Brand new, never worn. Fully lined. Fits S to M. Length 37"
Selling price: RM 30 with postage
Original price: RM35 without postage
Bought from: http://www.padieka.com/
Reason for selling: Too many chiffon skirts

Item 1798 : shuwlinchew@gmail.com

Item: black elegant lacy dress
Description: brand new, unworn, excellent condition
Selling price: RM 35 with postage
Original price: RM 39 exclude postage
Bought from (URL):
http://www.annahouse-2u.com/store/index.php?page=shop.product_details&product_id=1857&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1Reason for selling: too big for me
Contact number (optional): 0127724119

Item 1797 : nicoleyongwp@gmail.com

Item: Peachie Orange Dress
Description: Worn only once for trying purposes (got the dress on 22nd June 2011) Fits S-M
Selling price: RM35 including pos express
Original price: RM40 excluding postage
Bought from (URL): http://www.creampuffwardrobe.com/dresses-a-jumpsuit.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=1269&category_id=145
Reason for selling: Not suitable

Item 1795 : mizz.lunatic@gmail.com

Item:  High waist shorts (Beige) (Red)
Description:Brand new, never worn.  Cotton, Fits a UK4-8, Length: 40cmcm, Width:100cm 
Selling price: RM25
Original price: RM30
Bought from (URL): www.facebook.com/gisellespage
Reason for selling: Bought similar ones from a different blogshop
Contact number (optional): 010-9625633

Item 1794 : shuwlinchew@gmail.com

Item: white tutu dress
Description: Worn for trying purpose. Suitable for petite. Casual cute dress with tutu skirt at lower part. Ideal dress for dating.
Selling price: RM38 including pos express
Original price: Rm38 excluding pos express
Bought from (URL): 
Reason for selling: too small for me
Contact number (optional): 012-7724119

Item 1793 : suichengyan@gmail.com

Item: pink shorts
Description: brand new, never worn before!
Selling price: RM30 incl postage
Original price: Rm35 not incl postage
Bought from (URL): survival store
Reason for selling: i have the another shorts with s

Item 1792 : paylenglee@gmail.com

Description: brand new, unworn / size 39 (fits Vincci size 7 best)
Selling price: RM48 including pos laju.
Original price: RM48 without RM6 pos laju.
Bought from : http://www.agapeboutique.com.my/
Reason for selling: Too many mary jane pumps.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Item 1789 : fiona_barbie88@yahoo.com

Item: Chili Red Checked Envelope Clutch
Description: Width: 33cm, Height: 23cm, Able to fit A4 size documents.
Selling price: RM35 incuding postage
Original price: RM35
Bought from (URL): lowyat forum
Reason for selling: too many clutches

Item 1788 : queen.babe@live.com.my

Item: Leopard sexy lacey top/dress
Description: 100% BRAND NEW
Selling price: RM50 free postage fee
Original price: RM55 excluded postage fee
Bought from (URL): Goldd apple
Reason for selling: Impulse purchase.
Contact number (optional): 0164954913

Item 1787 : yinkychan@live.com.my

Item: Bondage Toga
Description: Brand new. Only worn once for trying purposes.
Selling price: RM45 including postage
Original price: RM55 excluding postage
Reason for selling: Too loose for me.
Contact number (optional): 017 308 7177